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Laura Bruno – Attraction, Repulsion And Levitation – 24 July 2012

OK, this post isn’t really about levitation, although my friend Matthew would be super excited if it were. 😉 Today’s post offers a chance to rise above the extreme polarization of our world right now. Instead of resisting or running towards anything offered from a place of knee-jerk reaction, we can all search for a third point — creating a triangle — which ensures we receive a more complete and balanced reality. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 24 July 2012

I am here today to make an announcement. I am Hatonn and I am welcoming you all to the news of the day. There is to come a need for laughter and joy, for with this will be the overriding of what may in some cases be considered a dark day on earth.
What in reality it will be, is an overriding of the destruction of the planet and it will result in just a few minor occurrences that may seem to be serious in some ways, but that will be not only a wonderful thing for earth but for all who live on it, as well as within it’s beautiful body. Continue reading

Kauilapele – Here’s That Book, For Those Interested… “The Obama Factor : How Barack Obama Elevated Human Consciousness” – 24 July 2012

Some of you might wish to check out this relatively new book about Barack Obama, “The Obama Factor: How Barack Obama Elevated Human Consciousness“, by Douglas E. Thomas, Ph.D., which was mentioned by Steve Beckow in this recent post. I’m not going to comment on it, as I have not read it, but you may read a few pages at the Amazon link above. Here is what the Amazon description says. Continue reading

The Case Against The Crown, The Vatican And Other Agents Of Genocide: Common Law Courts, Indictments And Juries To Be Established By September 15, 2012 Posted on July 23, 2012 By ITCCS – A Call For Citizen Participation – 24 July 2012

Uploaded on 23 July 2012 by Continue reading

BusinessInsider.com – Matthew Boesler – Traders Under Investigation For LIBOR Rigging Keep Turning Up At Swiss Hedge Funds – 24 July 2012

If you’ve been following the LIBOR interest-rate rigging scandal that is causing Wall Street to implode right now, you may be aware that major global banks all over the world are being dragged into the mess.

Individual traders from these banks are getting pinned with the blame. Bloomberg reports that Michael Zrihen at Credit Agricole, Didier Sander at HSBC, and Christian Bittar at Deutsche Bank are all under investigation over their involvement in the manipulation of LIBOR.

To read the rest of this story, visit Business Insider.

http://www.soundofheart.org link to original article Thanks Rain!

Richmond FED : Manufacturing Index minus 17 – Heavy Contraction – 24 July 2012


Richmond regional FED manufacturing Index Release brings after the regional FEDs Philly and New York, bad news in contraction.  Richmond dives into deep negative contraction of the manufacturing index: -17 . This is significant for the total FED index.

http://www.fidweek.econoday.com link to original article

Lisa Gawlas – We Are The Magicians Making Magic! – 24 July 2012

What a wild and wonderful ride thru “the field” yesterday.  It is about time we get to see and feel beyond this moment!!  It seems’ August and September have coupled their energy fields like June and July did.  Once again, we have a wide breadth of adjustment to play within.  But, in contrast to the June-July combo, which really concentrated on the inner energy field (enhancing, expanding and down right changing us to the core,) August and September is all about our use of the new energy now coursing thru our veins  to use, t0 play with, to create with, to master!!  The Master Magicians Creating!! Continue reading