Drake – 5 Updates – 25 July 2012

Gun Control

This report covers a lot of things. What should be noted is the reference to ‘laws on the books’.

This offers an alternative to any and all additional ‘gun control’ efforts.

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Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do.
Few were listening…….


I wonder…
Think people feel a ‘need’ to protect themselves?
Think of it this way…
Maybe, just maybe, We The People have been left on some sort of ‘front line’,
and can only rely on ourselves?

Read the rest at : americannationalmilitia.com link to original article



Isn’t this interesting?
All of a sudden, the innocent are found guilty and are to be penalized for a set up?  Assault rifle bans, high capacity magazines, and any other ‘restriction’ that can be found, is our penalty…
Sacrificing innocent people is not enough? For an AGENDA?
Those who were shot at are GUILTY…? Of what?


Everyone needs to note the extent of the ‘proposed’ changes.
That violations are much more likely to be prosecuted.
The laws supporting no warrant, will need to be changed to only very special circumstances, etc.
No one should ever be above the law for any reason.
~ Drake

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