Lucas – Expanding Love Beyond The Matrix – 25 July 2012

In the perception of the non or just awakened ones the notion of finding love in one self at the core of our heart is a great discovery.  The opening up yourself at your heart center is key to your  transformation.  It was like a caterpillar freeing itself from its cocoon, after the development, learning and growth it has gone through in 3 D duality. The transformation from a caterpillar into a most beautiful precious shinning light  as butterfly emerging is witnessed.

It is like that for all of you after being finding your unconditional love  first for and in yourselves.  You will grow in your love as you free up all of the last ego and dark bits and replace them with the new-found reality that you are love energy in your core being. You are experiencing your new-found harmony and peace within that non-judgemental, not distorted or not separated being you thought you was. It has been a fiction you now left behind.

In the ever-expanding exploration of the new-found freedom you also learn there are no boundaries,  no more walls, no more barriers, no more restrictions and obstacles. You will see the matrix revealed to you. The self-sustained  illusion is gone and made place for expanding your fields of love and you go places never dreamed of going before.  You entered a new reality through remembering who you really are in opening up your heart. The King  and Queen of butterflies you always have been found their true being.

The way to an even greater transformation in your lives on the stage of galactic and inter- and multi-dimensional level  you will be introduced to. It is called ascension.  You learn to fly your butterfly wings and see them fade in the  energies and vibrations on higher levels. You become one with all that is en merge in the Oneness and Unity field. You can become an energetic being that can manifest itself and create and co-create all that it wants and wants to be.

Know you have the power to manifest already in you even now. It is a force you have to create things from your heart thinking center,  via your mind and third eye into existence. Therefore it is heart-mind-eye manifesting.  You will see slumbering ever-present abilities awaken.  You find yourselves able to communicate with telepathy, being more and more empathic, being more sensitive. It is all on your journey.

The course it all will take is irreversible you will eventually choose to transform and ascend. Even if you delay or postpone your chose. It is your destiny to return to your source and become one again. It is a reassurance to know you never are alone and never will die. All is just a matter of growth and experience and receiving and being higher vibrational frequency energies.

So go let your love grow and expand beyond the now unveiled and falling apart matrix.  We will all make it  and will be the most astounding energetic butterflies ever.

Love and Light,


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