Stephen Cook – The Light Agenda – InLight blogtalkradio – John Smallman Guest – 25 July 2012

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Show Central USA 20.00 PM  25 July 2012 or 03.00 AM  EST 26 July 2012- European Mainland

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Stephen Cook’s guest this week is JOHN SMALLMAN, channeller of Saul and Jesus.

Surprisingly, the decidedly private John has been channeling Saul since 1995 – but only went public  when he started his blog in 2009. In early 2011, Jesus came on to the scene. The rest, as they say, is history.

So grab a cuppa and sit back because you’re going to be learning a lot more about John and his extraordinary life. Much of which will amaze you.

Stephen Cook presents The Light Agenda, a hour-long chatty, revealing enlightening conversation with those among us who are setting the Light Agenda via their blogs, channelling, broadcasts, opinions, writing and behind-the-scenes intel.

The Light Agenda is a place where Light Minds Think A-Light! You’ll hear personal stories of other’s light agendas – their knowledge, their beliefs, their views, their issues, their experiences…

The Light Agenda offers a new perspective on 2012. It’s a radio program created to help you find out even more about someone you may have been reading, hearing or watching each week – whether it’s within the last month or for over several years. It offers a place where you can hear something new; confirm something you may have thought or experienced; or find out how others feel about what’s really going on in this special year.

Apart from opening up about their personal journey, each guest will also choose a song or piece of music that encapsulates their lives, their thinking or is significant to them at this point in time.

Come and meet those serving The Light Agenda!

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