Visionkeeper – Believe – 25 July 2012

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This past week off from writing has been wonderful in terms of just being able to float through my days with no obligations. It gave me a lot of time to be outside and to connect with mother earth and with my deeper self. I studied carefully what I had been feeling that made me feel so out of sorts that I needed to take a break. I wanted to nail what it was that had thrown me the curve ball forcing me to retreat for a while. I finally isolated what it was from the rest of the insanity going on and it was a lack in belief.

When what we believe in begins to waver, we are left with nothing secure to hold onto and are left floating out there, vulnerable to being tossed about in the wind with no way to anchor ourselves to ground. If we become so worn down by constant negativity such as what is going on in the world right now, it becomes difficult sometimes to latch on to our beliefs in what is right with the world. It is good to take note of this as we are entering difficult times ahead and we will need our beliefs in the good and love and the new world to balance us. It is when we lose our balance that everything else around us goes out of whack as well. We must be aware of this and stand guard against this and remain strong.

I have also observed people as well as myself, under stress, and that is most often when we lose our way. We become rattled and unable to deal with one more negative thing coming at us without feeling like we are going to implode. I see now it is crucial at those times to disconnect from everything going on and take time out for ourselves. If not we tend to have our belief systems altered and without them we are like a canoe upon the lake without a paddle to steer with. Our lives become unsettled, we question everything and stop believing. This we do not want to do! We must learn to recognize when we are at that point and retreat for a while, to gather up our calm and reconnect with what we believe in!

How we view life stems from our belief systems and if those are out of kilter, everything in life seems the same way. Usually we know what we believe in and we stand squarely behind those beliefs and that gives us direction. If those beliefs are being challenged, we tend to look at our entire life differently and begin to question ourselves as well. It really is a small blip on the radar, but if we ignore what we are feeling that blip can expand and before you know it we are feeling unsure, without direction and questioning everything we do or think. It is important to realize it is time to regroup and reconnect with ourselves.

Challenges are coming at us all so fast from every corner of the world, it is no wonder our heads are spinning like the little girl in the exorcist movie. It makes you want to slow everything down and take less in, but that does not seem to be what the dark ones want. They wish us to be in a state of confusion, overwhelmed and unable to cope with everything coming at us. Sorry dark ones, no will do! We will not react in a state of chaos to your insanity. We will proceed slowly and thoughtfully, we will take our time to reconnect if things get to be too much and we will continue to strive to view the world through our hearts and our positive thoughts. We are strong and we will fight on until the light shines down from on high and the world is bathed in love and gratitude and joy!

Believe in yourselves, believe in creator’s knowledge of what is best, believe in love and gratitude, believe in humanity and believe in humanity’s ability to rise like the Phoenix from the dark ones ashes of evil and destruction into the light of a loving world.

Blessings to you all,

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