Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters : The Light Has Matched And Outlasted The Dark – 25 July 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The control of your world and of the energetic interactions that have been taking place without your conscious realization is being given back to you, the people. As this process continues, the dark souls are going to try to continue to distract you and take you away from your immediate goals and aims of being Light-conduits for all those who are unawakened at this time.

Each and every one of you who finds yourself reading this and indeed, each and every Lightworker experiencing consciousness on your beautiful world at this point; you were all meant to act as Light Holders and as conduits for energy that is so very pure and that will serve to quite literally transform the surface of your reality.

The collective density has been very prevalent and the need for Gaia to release this density once and for all has never been stronger than it is at present, as this continually-fed collective dense energy is continuing to feed the dark souls while keeping them within their positions of influence.

There are many different scenarios that have been planned out in the neutralization of these dark souls and as they make their final attempts at getting the attention of the slumbering public, they are going to find that the only exposures they will be granted will be those which expose their actions to the entire world in very clear ways which will see them held accountable for what they have done.

The dark souls wish to make further displays of dominance to your world with their many sponsored ceremonies and as always, we tell you that the worst of their plans are not going to play out. Indeed, your dark have long been planning fake alien invasions and have chosen specific dates and times to bring forth such fake invasions, and every time they have attempted to do this they have been thwarted.

Even still, they continue on in their plans of [attempted] controlling and enslaving of the public through fear, and we encourage you now to look to all that is of Light, all that is of Love finally beginning to be noticed as it is expressed on your world. Even many Lightworkers have taken Lives on your world wherein they were completely unawakened, and it was during these unawakened Lives that the karma of many of you which is being expressed and cleared away at this point, was garnered.

Existing outside of your concept of time, we are able to see each and every Life that you have went through while watching you as well as you go through karmic repercussions in your current Lives, for actions you had committed ages ago which had not yet been cleared up and cleansed within yourselves.

The dense actions that humanity garners, holds within and feeds is the very energy that the dark souls have taken in an attempt to enact the most devastating of their plans but again, there is no reason or need to fear these souls or their plans because the Divinely-decreed Light energy arriving on your world is now seeing that their influence is diminished significantly as humanity continues to evolve and advance in many different avenues.

The most potent of advancements taking place within the collective of humanity at this time go unheard of, because the mainstream media of the majority of countries is still very biased and focused on issues of vast unimportance, rather than being focused on issues directly related to the evolution of your world which the majority of your populace is still quite unknowledgeable of or uninterested in.

Rest assured dear souls that those of you who are awakening are finding innumerable Guides within you and around you at this time who are making our presence known in efforts to assist you along your admittedly-difficult processes.

While the dark energies and intents are being exposed and transmuted at all times, many of you are undergoing your personal versions of this process and this is where we will assist you in clearing away and integrating the energies and former pains that the dark souls are now attempting to utilize to cause mayhem.

The evolution points that you have reached along your growth are seeing at this time, a major uprooting of all of those energies that will not resonate with the higher realms in which you are growing toward at an increased rate, and while you will find much assistance from the higher realms we must remind you that this is your personal process and must be personally seen-to that you excel along the avenues of growth and development of the soul that you have all planned out for yourselves before undergoing the lower dimensional, Earthly experience.

As you continue to grow and find newer and purer strides and energies, you are finding that the lower and discordant energies no longer resonate with you. Arguments and heated debates with lower energies and heart sets attached are decreasingly resonating with you as in general, the Earth experience [as humans have known it] is decreasingly resonating with you.

While Gaia is feeling on Her surface so very much and pure Light at this moment, the collective intents and densities are still deciding the events to manifest collectively on your world and this is again, why the dark souls are still in positions of power and influence.

The original plans for the ascension of your world were to have these entities removed by the turn of your millennium. We were strongly hoping and working toward this conclusion coming about, but the collective density still being fed and expressed by the turn of your millennium saw that you would still be naturally resonating with and bringing to yourselves as a collective, the dense energies that the dark realms of your world have kept you feeding.

Despite the [necessary] discussion of this dense and negatively-oriented energy, we wish for you not to keep your focus upon such energies and the forces that have fed and driven such energies, because doing so will only focus your vibrations on such energies and increase their influences within your perceptions.

We ask you instead to turn you beautiful attention toward the pure, Divine Light energies being given to you now, as these energies have been performing the necessary uprooting of the dense energies and you have all been benefiting greatly from this happening.

The overall world stage has long begun to reflect the appearance and manifestation of this Light as so many of you have willingly fed it through yourselves while maintaining a direct energetic link to this Light. Just as you are all so very close with the realms of Source in which you cannot currently remember, the Light you are being given from such realms which is coming through many willing Earthly hosts at this time, is greatly uplifting you as it helps you to uproot all former traumas and pains that have been based only in illusion and as such, are finding themselves no longer in resonation with the energies being given to your world.

Dearest souls, there was an event in the American state of Colorado that was fueled by lower astral forces in many different ways. We wish you to know that while indeed tragic, this event has served to shift the collective compassionate energetic balance, as you all find in common the fact that you find such acts reprehensible.

The ripple-effects from this tragedy will see that humanity is United this much further, in that you all begin to realize your common wish to see such gruesome activities stop. Events similar to what happened have taken place all throughout your history with the wiling feeding [of such events] by many of you who were unawakened in such times as to the true extent of the consequences of what you were doing and now, with every tragic act that is seen playing out on your world, you all realize even more that you no longer wish to see such energies and manifestations on your world and within your sphere of experience.

The collective energy has been tipped to that of a more compassionate, United brand of collective energy and you will see the repercussions of this happening in the times ahead. These repercussions are good and Lighted, and will serve to show you that nothing bred out of darkness is stronger than the resulting Light manifestations answering such darkness.

No matter what happens on your world that will indeed sicken you at times, especially as you begin to absorb so very many truths about what has happened on your world for over a millennia; despite what you hear, the Light energies have long matched and outlasted the dark energies that drive every tragic event which has unfolded on your world.

Now that you are collectively beginning to realize that you no longer wish to host such gruesome vibrations, the shift of the collective energies sees that the collective intent is aimed in an overall more positive direction. As a result of this, the dark souls in power on your world are fed less and less and you begin to assimilate more and purer Light, on an individual and collective level.

Many of you are undergoing intense and difficult personal upheavals and lessons as you uncover past pains and sorrows, and this happening is being mirrored with worldly events playing out. Some of the most gruesome of your collectively-fed density has made its mark, and will not be coming to you in the form of natural disasters or anything of the sort as this plan has long been decided against, as it was realized that the collective density can be expressed, experienced and manifested in ways that would not hurt your entire populace.

Nevertheless, you see the extremes of the worst of the density that has been manifested and again, we implore you to look toward and assimilate in your own ways, the Light energies that are so very much stronger than the darker energies. The Light energies are so very strong that they are literally illuminating and exposing the dark energies that have laid beyond humanities conscious perceptions, and as this illumination occurs a resulting enlightenment is experienced on the part of the collective or individual experiencing such upheaval.

An enlightenment and realization is gained that the dark energies which have been illuminated, no longer match the individual or collective and the soul or souls quickly realize that they no longer wish to feed the energies that garnered them the densest of experiences which are being uprooted at this time.

So you see dear souls, everything that is occurring at this time on every level has been for the ultimate purposes of healing collective density. Freewill is always kept in mind whenever anything occurs, and you will notice a collective Light and United energy being expressed after many types of tragedies.

Every exposure, every tragic happening is ultimately for the purpose of illuminating aspects of the collective which had been built over and forgotten. The Light energies have come to your world and through your bodies now to help you heal the pains garnered from past manifestations and now as you are exposed to your own manifestations on every level, the resulting Light that your planet is experiencing will be felt within each and every one of you.

Rather than your Galactic brethren saving you from natural disasters which are not to happen, you will find a Uniting with such souls as you are told the true history of your world and the fact that your Galactic brethren have been with you for every bit of your recorded history.

We foresee humanity becoming quite comfortable with your Galactic brethren just as was apparent in any given timeline of Atlantis and Lemuria and eventually, your Galactic brethren will feel more and more comfortable with landing on your surface and we as well as the highest forces overseeing the Earth will give them the Divine decree to do so.

Such a decree has not yet been reached and yet, so very many on your world are now very open to the idea of Galactic humans and have been exposed through various different means, to the truths about your world and about the interactions with your world by civilizations and collectives who are so very advanced.

Indeed dear souls, we have made our incarnations and contacts with your world but we have not shared the advancements in many avenues of your societies, cultures and collective intelligence that your Galactic brethren did by visiting your various cultures.

Obviously, they performed such visitations under our Divine decrees but beyond incarnating directly onto your surface, we have mostly taken to assisting your world from the fifth dimension while assisting various fifth dimensional souls in assisting your world in your collective evolution.

Gaia has already ascended and is eagerly awaiting the last few illuminations, exposures and manifestations that will see the collective energy so very United as you all realize this Unity in every form and facet that it has to offer you. You are ascending at this point with dear Gaia as well and whenever the collective and individual clearing events are placed before you, you are to every time see soon after, many exposures in many different avenues, be them personal or planetary.

At present, you are seeing the continual exposure of the actions of the dark souls on your world whose purposes on your planet have been only to control. Many of these souls are being worked with in realms past their conscious understanding and they as well as you all are finding a resulting Light and a resulting freeing of the emotions and the true spiritual self, that is seeing a compassion for humanity brought forth from within many of them that even they would not have thought possible.

We are able to bypass many of the [perceived] freewill constraints of many of the dark souls in power on your world, by intervening within them to give them Love energies in a way that will be assimilated and accepted, by working with their subtle and astral bodies in the dream state.

Many of such souls have [until now] been subjected to torture whilst within the dream state by lower astral entities as a part of the Illuminati’s lower-oriented rituals, and as a result many are finding the dreamtime interaction with beings of a higher and purer intent quite refreshing and even heavenly.

This dear souls, is where the compassion for humanity is being bred. Of course, some souls are outright rejecting the Divine intervention within these realms and are utilizing negatively-oriented technology to attempt to stop the many dreamscape healings and interactions that are taking place with souls within the ranks of the dark who are increasingly turning toward the Light.

We have given the offer through various public and private channels and mediums, for every soul who is knowingly within the darks ranks to jump ship and join the side of the Light and as you can see dear souls, our diplomatic efforts with such souls are long and fast beginning to pay off.

We are perfectly comfortable in letting you know that the resignations and changes of heart are to continue on your world within no certain timeframes, and you will see many who were formerly within the Illuminati begging for your forgiveness and your compassion that you will have begun to harness from actions that in many cases, were orchestrated by the lower astral beings who employ your dark.

For those of you who are beginning now to practice a true, full and pure Mastery of the emotions and the thoughts, we will be asking you to not just forgive these souls, but to encourage these souls not to beg and grovel for your forgiveness.

There is so very much that they have done and many of them will find themselves reduced to weeping and sobbing, and we ask you dear Masters in training to uplift and forgive these souls just as we are now attempting and in many cases, succeeding marvelously to do within the dreamscape.

The general plan that has been conceived whilst working with the Galactic Federation and the Higher Councils of Earth who have approved this plan and the means to bring it about, is to continually shower the dark souls on your world who have the most power and influence, with Lighted energies so pure that they will no longer find the Earth comfortable and may choose to go elsewhere.

Others will have strong changes of heart and begin working for humanity and fully dedicating themselves to the Light as they take place in interactions with us and with their Guides and fragments of their higher selves in the dreamscape.

We will be surpassing the perceived freewill limits of the dark souls for whom we will be performing this action and this is ok, for their freewill in actuality sees this happening needed for them to be able to survive on your world without immediately finding themselves in lower, dense and hellish realms as a result of their actions.

Their freewill needs to be ‘invaded’ so to speak in such a big way as continually sending them strong and pure Light until they change heart or no longer find the Earth comfortable, because otherwise the immense consequences for their actions without being karmically paid back in the manner we wish to do so, would see a vastly unbalanced karmic Life Plan [in future Lives] that would include going through densities that are simply too much for any few collectives to experience.

Much of this is density that they have forced others to go through and this is why no matter what, the worst of the actions will not go unpunished through the karmic experiences such souls are to undergo in later Lives after the Earth has ascended.

However, this perceived violation of their freewill which is actually needed to Lighten their karmic load is also giving them an overall, pure and Lighted opportunity to find a redemption for what they have done while even possibly ascending from the surface of your world, as they had originally intended to do before finding themselves trapped in such Earth density and influence.

These souls will be given the opportunity to seek forgiveness from the humanity whom we are confident will take to giving to such souls after finding the aforementioned collective Unity and harmony that is beginning to be noticed and will continue to be noticed, and as they find this forgiveness they will truly see the error of their ways, and many of them could in fact ascend.

Those who you are seeing make the first brave steps and actions in denying the darks influence and intents, are those who are without doubt being worked on in Lighted ways, in their dreamscape time and are likely among those who will find themselves ascending.

The Light has meant business all along and while this plan discussed had not been drawn up until recently, we have long known that we would need to take to bold and drastic measures to see the ascension of your world played out in a safe way for all involved, and this giving of extremely pure and Lighted energies your dark not only acts in accordance with your continual evolution process and with their unbalanced freewill-manifested energies, it will also see an expansion and opportunity for much Light to enter your Earth realm, which has been needed.

Those who have not yet defected are making their final stands with symbolisms and such that are designed to force you to subconsciously understand their perceived reign. We ask you all to send out Light energies of the highest and purest Christed consciousness and intent every single day, to the dark souls who still find themselves mired in dark and dense energies that are seeing them unable to pierce the [lower] veil and find the Light which is being given to all now.

Those of you who are awakening are finding this Light which is being given by the dear souls within the higher astral planes of your world, in very pure and strong ways and while many of you will not yet remember garnering the types of healing experiences that the souls defecting from the Illuminati are feeling, you are still feeling the Lightened states and expansions that have been needed for yourselves and for your minds and hearts.

We Love you all so very much, and we remind you to treat yourselves and those around you with the respect and Love that you all require along your journeys, for you must become the examples of the Light that you wish to see come forth on your world. You must, in any ways you can, begin to become the change that you wish to see for otherwise, you will only be feeding the lower energies of the past.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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