Lilou Mace – Juicy Living Tour – Who Are We? Where Do We Come From? Jade Gerd Ekström, 93, Stockholm Sweden – 26 July 2012

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“Who AM I within ME?” is a book of Mindfulness about the NEW dispensation given to our mankind from the Higher World of Cosmic Beings. It is a book of Heartfulness with Love and Forgiveness for all on Earth — the only way for humanity to get World Peace. The book is meant to be of help for individuals to find Oneness with and Oneness with the Higher Worlds to be able to understand what is going to happen in our new millennium. The book is written as a teamwork between our two worlds for us all to be acquainted with our NEW home. For 13000 years we have had masculine Will Power ruling mankind. A new Golden Age of NEW Science of Feminine Wisdom and Forgiveness is coming in as planned with the beginning from the 21st of December 2012. For five reasons I was picked to write the book: I am a female, I am obedient, I am international, my English is simple and easy to understand and I have loved the Creation within me and outside me all my life.

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