Lisa Gawlas – The Apple Tree Of Wisdom And The Magnetic Bridge Of The Sun – 26 July 2012

There is something happening in these days that is hard for me to put my finger on or put into words, but man do I feel it.  Especially when I wake up in the morning.  It seems to take longer for me to fit efficiently into the airspace I live within.  This feeling has been especially prominent since the 23rd.

I awoke on the 23rd with a dull headache that last all day long.  This headache was only on my left temple and I know this recent energetic upgrade we are going thru is working…. ummmm… overhauling my left side/physical life energy connections and abilities.

The 23rd is also a day something very special arrived for me in the mail.  I didn’t fully realize how special this creation was until yesterday in my meditation.  Let me back up.

On June 25th I wrote a sharing about the Apple / Wisdom tree.  When I went to go find the artwork that would grace that days sharing, of course I looked for apple tree’s.  In my search I found some pendants of hand-made apple trees.  My whole energy field was taken by what I was looking at.  I decided I was going to purchase one of these wonderful pendants as my birthday present for myself.  I looked at several different varieties and prices and was about ready to just buy one when I heard my team say, wait, one of your clients will make it for you.

Really?  Which one??  I don’t know/remember who makes jewelry to ask.  Seems spirit knew lol.  That very same day one of my friends mentioned something about the jewelry she was making on my facebook!  My whole body lit up like a Christmas tree!!  It’s YOU!!

I felt like a child who just won the big prize at the carnival!  I messaged her right away, explained to her what just happened and what I am looking for and tho she said she never made them before, she would learn how for me!

Keep in mind, the last time I wore any sort of jewelry on my body was in 2005. I would wear various crystals and they kept falling off of me.  I never wear jewelry for the sake of decorating myself, if I have something on my body, there is an energetic reason for it.

All of a sudden my team was in a furry of information release of what was really up their spiritual sleeve and why they were so fussy about who creates my wisdom tree to wear!

People can make things just for the sake of making them, often for the sake of making money (nothing wrong with that at all) and others… for the Love of Creation.

I know this ladies heart.  I have been reading/connecting to her for over a year now.  She has a heart full of soul love, expanded desire to help in any way she can, and her financial life was in that changing out the old money and has yet to arrive at the new.

Spirit talked about her workmanship on this special project very much like the central sun.  Our codes, wisdom, energy is released to us via the central sun thru the sun we see in the sky.  Spirit will be the central sun that works thru her heart in what is vibrationally needed for the creation of the Wisdom Tree (apple tree.)

We tossed things back and forth for a few days and came up with the perfect fit for my hearts desire.  A silver tree itself.  Silver is the highest vibration of earth energy there is (in my readings) and the tree itself represents earth and the deep connections of earth thru it (the root system) as it reaches for the sky (branches).  The outer circle would have to have some sort of gold connection, since gold is the highest spiritual energy (in my readings.)  Gold filled will work since gold is just very expensive.  To me, this represents spiritual cycles of completion (via the closed circle housing the earth energy.)

My tree leaves will be made of Peridot, my August birthstone and the apples will be garnet.  Both stones representing a new year to me.  August my personal new year, garnet is January’s birthstone, so the calendar new year is represented as well.

And then she asked me how many apples do I want on my tree.  This is my 50th birthday (I cannot believe I am saying that out loud!! lol) so 5 apples, plus my lifepath is represented by the number 5… Change.

So the loving, wise central sun that streams thru her in this creation, she created the biggest 5 vibration for me.  5 tree branches, and 5 roots wrapping around the golden energy of spirit.  Perfect!!!  Here is the finished product:

This magical creation arrived in my mail on a very strong power node day!!  All I could think was… how fitting.  The earth has ramped up her full on energy outwards above the earth, I now have something to harness and use to understand it all for my personal journey.

She was even kind enough to include a silver chain so I didn’t have to go on another hunt to hang this precious creation on my body.  How perfect is it that the chain places my apple tree directly over my high heart!!

Keeping in mind, the apples themselves, represent the wisdom of our soul.  The life experiences, growth, abilities we have grown thru our earth incarnations since we started incarnating.

With all that said, the sun itself played its part on the 23rd of July.  A note taken from VERY FAST FARSIDE CME: A coronal mass ejection (CME) blasted away from the sun this morning with rare speed: 2930 km/s or 6.5 million mph. CMEs moving this fast occur only once every ~5 to 10 years.

A hurl of energy so intense from the backside of the sun serves to flip a massive switch to the on position for the energy of the lighted side of the sun.  I understood that when I seen what the sun did… I just didn’t understand what that means to us, really… until the very next day.

On the 24th my brains felt thick.  Not lethargic like so many times in the past, just thick and gooey.  Fortunately I was picking a new friend up from the airport to come stay awhile as she sorts out her life and I didn’t really have to use my brain a whole lot that day (smile.)

I looked to see what was happening on our sun and I had seen just took my breath away!

MAGNETIC BRIDGE: Sunspots AR1528 and AR1529 appear to be far apart. More than 200,000 km of stellar surface separate the two. Nevertheless, they are connected by a tubular bridge of magnetism.

There was several thing unfolding in my awareness at the same time with the expression of this magnetic bridge housed on the south side of the sun!  We have created the bridge-way from our old life to our new one.  From old 3D density into the higher fields of Light expression.

What I didn’t realize until yesterday, this energy was also bridging my Maju which sits upon my base heart to my apple tree sitting upon my high heart.

On the 23rd I had done several readings that lifted my heart and hope about the days to come, but also baffled me with the visuals too.  Most especially this one lady who had a stream of birds (generic birds to my eyes vision) streaming down from the sky to her west field in a V shape.  I got the V understanding… group energy following a new magnetic line which took them straight into her west field.  From my view, it looked like the birds would crash into the ground any minute.  Her team told her that she must open the doorway between her outer world (which is where these birds were) and allow them to fly into her inner world.  As I watched the potential of these birds fly into her center energy field the aligned in a circle of energy and she was told they will lead the way to her freedom of spiritual flight.

The very next day I get an email from here:  It was an absolute pleasure speaking with you yesterday.  I have to share what just happened as I started listening to this.  Just at the 2:38 minute mark of the recording where you are discussing the birds and v flying shape, a flock of geese took off from my bark yard area (just out the back window I am facing) and were forming the v shape as they were taking off.  We usually do not have geese in July doing that (October yes -but July???).  Now if that isnt confirmation of something I dont know what is.

This email came on the heals of a facebook message I received from another lady I read for that same day.  But also, my own validation as well.  I had just come out of my meditation with Archangel Michael asking me what I want and my who heart went to Gentle Feather.  When I went outside to feed the birds, there was a single bird feather laying on the ground next to the chair I sit in.

This massive fireworks energy went thru me as I realized how fast, how intense the universe is sending us validation to say… yeah, you may not believe it is getting this good… but let us show you how real it is!!

There is no doubt the universe doesn’t want us to have a single ounce of doubt in our minds and hearts, even tho we don’t know the fullness of the details (which we need to leave with them anywayz) but to know what we are feeling and waiting for is arriving faster than we can imagine.

There was so much I wanted to share yesterday, but once again, I sat at my computer and it felt like my right brain was filled with gel.  For once, my left brain was perky!  I couldn’t pull together a sharing to save my life.  As I sat here and wondered (and complained) what the hell… I could feel the gel like energy I call August all over my right brain network of energy.

I decided I was not going to loose another day and put my left brain to work creating a page for Carolyn and her Apple -Wisdom Tree Creations for anyone else who feels the pull to have such a thing around their high heart, and the connection of our root system together!

I fell apart trying to write the words for that page.  I took a bath instead!

The information in my meditation came thru spotty and what I could only call disconnected.  However, the universe, no doubt feeling my own frustration of why… brought my inner vision down to my chest where my Maju and Apple Tree rested.  Behind my chest wall I could see a massive network of new energy taking place… very much a fibrous bridge of energy taking place.

The Maju was extracting the codes, abilities and wisdom that had laid dormant within me, the apple tree was like the processor… taking what the universe called “the binary codes” and making them understood.  I even seen a series of numbers and other things my visual field could not understand… but it is all coming together by my two heart created accelerators.

Yeah baby, let me tell you, I may not understand it, but holy freakin cow batman, I am feeling it.

I got out of my bath and a major headache ensued.  Intense on my left temple area.  I had two reading scheduled which seemed to make my headache stronger.  My right brain was goo…. my left now intensely in pain as the energy moved directly to the eyeball.  Right in the center of my eye, where the pupil is located, I could see and feel the energy blasting its way out of my eye.  It hurt like hell!!

I was down for the rest of the day.

Today we can look at ourselves as on the magnetic bridge of our choice… old energies… old memories and feelings… or the Brand New, unfamiliar.

The choice, as always…. is within you!

There is soooo much more happening to each and every one of us that we can fully realize or grasp in this moment.  We are being deeply rooted into our next expression of Life!!

Thru it all, we are also forming a new community of energy with and thru each other.  What I am feeling with this, is a whole other days sharing!!

I love y’all so much, may the validation of your Life changing appear to you each and every day and take you to where you have always wanted to go!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of Wisdom made manifest to All!!

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