Lucas – Post Of Attention – About A Certain Visualization While Watching The Opening Ceremony?! – 26 July 2012

I have come across  in writing and by video a visualization that you should do or are requested to do at the opening of the  Olympics whilst watching the Opening Ceremony.  This is  a contradiction in it self and to me a disinfo.

You do visualize, meditate or pray without watching or you do not and go watch the mind control entertainment. At the same time watching the illuminati symbols and build in manipulation technics of light, sound and words is not what you should do during any form intending to create a difference or wanting to manifest positive in the now with love and peace. You should or not participate or do so properly  in my opinion. So you decide  what you want to do. I have warned you.

I will do as I have asked with others also visualize, meditate and or pray with positive intent in manifesting the new golden age already established and all living in peace, harmony, abundance and freedom.

What do you do. Start tonight at 20.00 PM and continue not only during the ceremony without watching but also the whole olympics every night at 20.00 PM for a minimum of 5 minutes till as long as you want.  We can strengthen and re-enforce the light, love grid and help manifest that what we want sooner this way. Whatever timezone you are in 20.00 is OK synchronicity and synchronisation will do its part and bring all positive manifesting energies together at the right time, place and moment.

Please, do your part, without watching.

Love and Light,



2 responses to “Lucas – Post Of Attention – About A Certain Visualization While Watching The Opening Ceremony?! – 26 July 2012

  1. Doreen Agostino

    Olympics 2012 – Anchor Unity and Love in the Heart of Earth includes brief meditation we can do daily: Unconditional Love and The 22/44 Fully Activated Flower of Life – Shine Bright 2012

  2. thank You for beeing on the watch!

    This is just a picture: “Cannibals” have set up their caldron. They have invited their unaware “meal” to participate. Though, amongst these “guest” there are a few who think that they can see through the deception, these are the very ones who “heat up” the soup, when they think it´s best to burn down the set by putting oil on the logs of wood an light them.
    Stay out of the caldron! Stay away from the set!

    Alles: Liebe