Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – Saint Germaine And Dwjal Khul – 26 July 2012

Dear Ground Crew,

This morning in meditation the Master Saint Germain came to me. For those of you who do not know who he is Saint Germain was Joseph of Joseph and Mary, Shakespeare, Merlin, Roger Bacon, and Sir Francis Bacon, and Christopher Columbus who discovered America. He represents freedom, transmutation, transformation, diplomacy, ceremony and the science of true alchemy. He brought forth the violet flame for transmutation and the I AM. He actually was one of the founding fathers of the United States which was originally called IAMerica, meaning the land of the free. He precipitated at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and continues to work in the inner realms with those in charge of the government.

Image: Saint Germain
Master Saint Germain
Image: Djwhal Khul
Djwal Khul

He showed me how we have been living in the web of illusion. He said that we have to pry ourselves from this web in order to have our freedom. He has more to tell you:

Greetings, I am Saint Germain.

I want to speak with you today because many are stuck in the web of illusion. I have never seen so many people believing they cannot do anything to get unstuck and to change their lives. What do you think that transformation is about? If you cannot budge from your current conditions how do you think that you can make the necessary steps into higher consciousness and reside in the higher dimensions?

In the third dimension you are lead to believe that you are powerless and that you have to go along with the crowd, or mass consciousness. How much longer will you persist in believing in these limitations? Rise above these old thoughts. See yourselves free from the web of illusion and limitation.

How do you think the angels fly? They take away the limitation and spread their wings. When you do this you can go many different places and participate in a myriad of things. Are you ready? How much longer do you want to be held back by anything or anyone? Excuses no longer work. You must participate in your own freedom.

I feel you need a boost today, a reminder that everyone has the ability to not only fly but to be so much more than you have ever lead yourselves to believe. Why not start now?

Our Creator believed so much in you that 2000 years ago he sent the Master Jesus to show you the way of unconditional love and truth. He intended for you to find both of these  in your incarnations on the Earth. Other Masters taught similar truths yet humanity keeps falling back into the illusion.

We in the Light Realms think you are ready to transform your lives. All you have to do is believe in the magic and miracles of love and manifestation. Forget all that you have learned from separation and fear. Feed on the limitless abilities that reside within and go for your own Olympic Gold Medal. It is yours for the asking.

The following is a poem I wrote on November 9, 1999 with the assistance of the Master Djwal Khul:

Walk With Me by Valerie Donner:

Walk with me, Beloved, into the days of all tomorrows where all is one and the old no longer fits.

Walk with me, Beloved, into the arms of the Earth where she is waiting to receive you.

Walk with me, Beloved, until your breath is mine and my breath is yours, and our hearts collapse together in physical union.

Walk with me, Beloved, into the layers of the Earth that expand to the Source of all beingness. and where there is only Oneness.

Walk with me, Beloved, until mirrors of the mirrored reflect only the Light that you are and the love that you carry.

Walk with be, Beloved, into the unknown where all places reach their origin, the space that is God, for at this point you will free yourself forever.

Walk with me, Beloved, until our steps become a dance, that brings out the truth and merges the darkness into the Light.

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