Visionkeeper – Keep Looking For The Sweetness In Life – 26 July

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Times are heating up and the evil is oozing out of all the open spaces around the world, but we must not let these cowardice acts of evil get to us! We are strong and we have been preparing for times such as these. We knew the going was going to get rough, but we also know we all have each other, creator and the love in our hearts to keep us on the straight and narrow path, headed towards the light. We must remember we are human and still of the 3rd dimension so moments of faltering are inevitable. It does NOT make us any less. We all have our limits of how much we can handle, but knowing that we do, it is important for us to know when to pull back and reconnect with what really matters in life. To take time to search for the sweetness and stay at peace within.

One evening on my week off I spent an time writing down all the things that truly matter to me and what defines who I am and what I need in life to maintain balance. I’m up to 54 things at the moment. It pleased me how quickly the list appeared on paper flowing out the end of my pen. It showed me how well I know myself and what my life needs to be complete. I would imagine to someone who has spent little time going within and getting to know oneself, it might be slow going getting a list written out. Give it a try, how well do you know yourself, do you know what makes you happy?

One of the things at the head of my list was honesty. This need for honesty while admirable, has been a huge weight around my neck trying to live in a world where honesty is non-existent. It drives me insane to be drowned in lies and corruption. It is one of the hardest things for me to have to live with. I’m glad I know this about myself for it helps me understand why these times are so upsetting to me. I know what I have to work on and what to steer clear of if possible. As with everything, the more we know the more we can deal with what life hands us. It is the not knowing that throws us into a tail spin. So take time to get to really know yourself and what is going on around you.

Balance is the optimum word these days. With so much evil and cruelty and insanity, it is so important to go after the sweetness life offers us to balance out the playing field. Make the time to take care of yourself including doing things that make you happy and being around people who make you laugh. Seek it out and add it to your ‘to do’ list. Taking care of ourselves gives us the strength to keep going, it gives us reassurance we are doing the right things, it fills our hearts with joy and gives our lives a boost, it shows us the reasons we are here and what holds meaning for us in our lives. It feeds our spirits and revives our road map encouraging us to fight on and go forward.

There are a gazillion wonderful things in life right now, but because of the dark ones control over main stream media and forcing the chaos down our throats every chance they get, we tend not to notice the good. But it is there! When writing that list I spoke of earlier, I began to realize how many wonderful things are in my life everyday regardless of whether I acknowledge them or not. They are just there, solid, positive things that make up my life and yours as well. It is this going within and finding out what matters to us that brings us closer with our spirits. We begin to know who we are and what matters most to us. and to our spirits as well. Remember, it is positive and loving living that feeds our spirits into being.

Turn off that television and start noticing what is right in your life. Write out your list and be surprised at how many things bring meaning to your life when you take time to notice and to care about yourself. The dark ones can only gain control if we stay anchored in the fear they create to capture us. Refuse to be sucked into the dramas they create and stay focused instead on all of the good and loving things that exist in the world. Be love!

Blessings to you all,

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