Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – From 25, 26 and 27 July 2012

Beautiful Light-Maker

God said:

Be a light unto the world. It is not for you to wait for the world to light you up. You are the one I sent to light up the world. Be the light of the world. Light up yourself, and you will erase darkness from one heart to another.

You are My beautiful Light-maker. Let Us speak of light today and save the word love for another day. You are an angel of light, nothing else. Your status as a human being is temporary. For a while, you stand in as a human being. Even so, your real status is Being of Light. You are a sun that grows brighter and brighter. The essence of you is My light. What else can the light of the world be but My light shining for all to see.

Succor the world. Uplift it. Start with yourself. When you uplift yourself, you uplift legions.

Life is not so much about you. You are about the world and beyond. A messenger delivers the messages he has been given to deliver. The messenger is not thinking: “What do I feel like doing at this moment? Where do I want to be? What do I want?”

A messenger delivers the messages he is given to deliver, and he delivers them in good grace.

He knows that he is for more than himself. It is too small for a Messenger of God to think of himself. He has messages to deliver, and this is what he takes into his heart, and this is what he gives. He leaves his consigned messages everywhere, and, so, he lights up the world.

What a tremendous thing light is. Nothing but light is real. And so a Messenger of God gets real. He removes his sweater and lets My light so shine before men. It is not his personal light you understand. This is not charisma We are talking about. This is not a personal magnetism. A Messenger of God is not ensconced in himself. Ensconced in oneself lies not happiness.

A Messenger of God seeks happiness for others, for that is his purpose. He lays down the red carpet for others and opens the Universe for them. He helps them to lie down in green pastures. He comforts their souls. He addresses their souls. He is a speaker of hearts. He opens hearts, and so he multiplies the Light of God. He is in service to all. His cry is We and never me. He plays an enormous role in the unification of the world. He knows Whose Crown he wears. It is not for his aggrandizement. He gives the crown he wears to all. He doffs his crown to, and so he sheds the Light of God, not on his singular behalf, but on behalf of the world and all its members.

He does not dally. He enjoys, but he does not dally. He doesn’t search except as he seeks to give, and so he gives universally. He whirls a thunderbolt of light, and it lands neither here nor there but everywhere. This is what it means to be the Light of the World.

Everyone picks up the light, and everyone becomes the Light of the World and then the world is light, and all hearts are light, and Blessing is thy name for you give light, are glad to give light without thought of your own glory but for the sake of Mine and all those other Beings of Light that you gladly light up. And so, who is there to thank, who is there to single out when all are light and light is all. Certainly not your individual self, for what matters to you is the God Self of all the Lights in the World upon which you shine your light. link to original article


In Full Light

God said:

You have never begun and never ended, you who were always and are always are beginning a new adventure of life now. Dreams are realized. Hope becomes a meaningless word. There is no need for hope. Hope is bedraggled. Hope? What is that when all you desire is going to come true. In an instant.

Truth has always been true. And you, despite all your dissemblance in the world, are true. Your heart knows far more than you give it credit for.

You are standing on the cusp of the long-sought after enlightenment. You are tipping the scale. All you desire is rushing to you, and it flies on the wings of angels. What are angels but wisps of My thought? And what are you, My beloveds, what are you?

Now you are going to start thinking enough of yourself. You are going to begin to arise where you are and have always been.

You have been blindsided by life. Now you are becoming awake to it. You have one life, one continuous life, and it is lighted, only you have seen it not. All you are doing now is beginning to see with your left hand and your right. You are beginning to see and experience the Light of All. You begin to see with delight the Light of All and discover that it is your Self you are seeing. In half light, it is difficult to read the fine print. In full light, what was always there, is easily seen.

Whatever travail you may be going through, a blindfold is coming off. Life itself is pulling off the blindfolds. Whatever you have thought you life is, whatever it has seemed to you, you become now like a falcon whose blinders are pulled off his eyes, and you fly to where the beauty is. You are beauty flying to beauty.

You are My thought that dares to be itself. You overtake darkness. It is nothing to you. You are the Light of All that overtakes darkness and vanishes it from the face of the Earth.

All that you have desired is yourself, and now yourself is going to become true in all its glory. It is going to become true right before your eyes.

The glory of God is here. It is just beneath your eyelids. It is in the palm of your hand. No longer is it a secret you keep from yourself.

Everything is rising, rising, rising, rising to Me. Did you think you would be left out? Did you think that you, the glory of My Creation, would not soar with the birds and all the angels? Never were you fallen. Whatever disgrace the world may have held you in, they were mistaken, and so were you. Now the golden yolk of life opens up and you who are gold see gold, know gold and know gold is the Truth of you.

What fallacies you have believed in! Now you have Truth to believe in. Truth requires no belief. Truth is dependent upon nothing but itself, and you will no longer hold onto the reins of false beliefs that were engendered in you.

Now you see Truth, speak Truth, herald Truth.

You pull up the eyelids of the dawn. This is the dawn of enlightenment. It does not belong to you. It is My Enlightenment that is coursing throughout the Universe. My dreams are coming true, and that means that yours are coming true as well. Now you are a big thinker and a big receiver of your own thoughts. Think high. You encompass the whole Universe and the Light That Is Beyond. I am encompassed in you.

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Hum a Different Tune

God said:

So long as you put your thoughts on the trouble you are in, you will be submerged in trouble. There are other things to think about besides what weighs heavily on you. When you think in other ways, trouble subsides. It subsides in your mind. Even if the trouble stays, it has subsided.

You are given situations in life that are difficult, even more serious than marital difficulties. Certainly, some life situations are more difficult than others, especially when seen from the world view. And even in what might be called the most difficult situations of all, others have been in the same situations, perhaps worse, and still find happiness. They give happiness. They don’t content themselves with misery.

Your surroundings, the difficulties you are in, play their part. And, still, there is happiness for you to find, for where lies happiness but within? You have accepted as fact that you cannot be happy in Situation A and/or Situation B. Find your happiness.

I will tell you something you won’t like to hear. The situation is something you focus on. In its way, the situation is innocent. You may not be so innocent. If you are unwilling to change your way of addressing what ails you, you may not change even in a changed situation. Do not think that, whatever your problems may be, that they are the cause of your unhappiness. You are leaning on your problems as the cause. They are your fall guy.

Cease and desist, beloveds. Solve yourself. The difficulties exist, yet the difficulties are not doing all the moaning and groaning. You are doing the moaning and groaning. Difficulties in life are one thing. You are another.

Do not foster your difficulties. As you complain and emphasize the difficulties of your life, you feed them. Come back to love.

There are men who have worked wonders from prison. They worked wonders with themselves. They didn’t keep on griping, no matter how unjust their situation. There have been mothers with all their children disabled, and these mothers know they are blessed to take care of their children, and they find happiness in their children. The mothers don’t say the children have to be other than they are. There have been people ill and in pain who, even on their deathbeds, feel blessed and are a blessing to those around them.

Confess, someone in the same situation you are in, as difficult as it may be, is finding love to give in place of complaint. You may care about complaining more than you care about growing. You may care about complaining more than you care about changing your mind-set. You may protect your right to complain and to feel miserable over your right to stop complaining and set a different tone in your life and the life of those around you. Whatever your difficulties, you are the one setting the tone to your life. You are the one digging in. You are the one giving yourself over to the difficulties and saying they are the master over you. You are the one who is saying you have to be unhappy so long as the situation exists. And so you follow that tune, and so you steep in bitter juices and enshroud yourself.

You have a say in your deportment. You have a say in what grace you give to the world. What grace are you giving? Begin to come from another viewpoint.

Perhaps you have been blaming others for your own unhappiness.

First, stop complaining outwardly. Bite your tongue. Stop compiling lists of plaints and recording them out loud. Then it will be easier to stop recording your lists of plaints in your mind.

Stop complaining about Me. Stop holding Me responsible. Who is responsible for your attitude? Change it, and see what happens. The insurmountable can be surmounted. link to original article

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