Lisa M Harrison – Interactive Event To Orb The 2012 Summer Olympic Games – 27 July 2012

(BlogTalk air date: Thurs. 7/26/12, 10am-1pm UK | Wed., 7/25/12, 8pm-11pm EST)link to Oculus-radio 26 July 2012

This week’s TCI broadcast was out of this world – literally! The energy was palpable. We covered topics such as; 3D vs. 5D, manifestation and consciousness splitting, as well as definitions of our soul mass and ego.

This weeks group included me, Lisa M. Harrison, and regulars Peter Shelton, Michael Monk, Bob Wright and Barbara Karnes. We were also blessed with the company of our brother, and Oculus Radio’s go-to guy, David O’Brien, who generously donated the air time for our three hour Olympic, radio event. And, finally, we were joined by special guest Arthur Preston who rounded out the tribe.

The Collective Imagination TribeThe show began with Peter and Michael sharing a recap of their experiences using collective imagination to consciously create. The experiences these two shared served to confirm the viability of manifestation through collective imagination, and made for some jaw dropping stories, as well. They discussed the Illuminati, multi-dimensional travel, and how each of us has the unencumbered ability to create our own world here on earth, and beyond. MIchael brought it all home when he explained that our existence in these soul masses (human bodies) is a gift much grander than we realized. “Souls literally line up to come into this density,” he commented.

David, Arthur, Bob and Barbara also shared their thoughts on the topics raised, including questions and comments to further clarify the mind-blowing concepts shared by Peter and Michael.

Then the real magic began when we discussed what to collectively manifest next. I suggested an unfurling of the tension surrounding the upcoming summer Olympic Games in London. With a huge military presence, and both mainstream and alternative media reporting all sorts of plots from bombs to assassination attempts, I thought a complete reversal of energy was needed. “How about we have something fun just appear… with smiley faces?” I laughed. And after an exciting exchange of ideas and fine-tuning, including input from the folks in our chat room, we agreed on the following:

Orbs rise from within the ground up into the event areas, including the stadium.

These orbs are infused with positive, fun energy, bringing joy and laughter to all who perceive them. They will respond to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of all in attendance and will take on characteristics; such as color, size, dimension, brightness, movements (bouncing, dancing, etc) based upon the expectations of those around. As the energy and joy of the collective rises so will the orbs, until they disappear up and away into the sky.

Imbuing this creation into the consciousness of the collective was achieved (1) by means of our accepting the agreement, and (2) through a grounding meditation led by Michael Monk and Peter Shelton. This joining of our energy lasted about 20 minutes, during which we moved our chi and heart beat down into our feet, which we then, energetically, carried down into the earth. From there we envisioned the event, allowing our minds to wander and experience the sensory moment of it all.

Woah! What a rush. We all felt the power of the experience, and for the next 25 minutes or so we shared what we saw and how it felt. Bob, Michael and Peter capped the show off with personal stories of manifestation, ending the show on a high higher than the Olympic orbs you will see in the days to follow!

NOTE: The Summer Olympics begins in London on Friday, July 27, 2012, and ends Sunday, August 12, 2012. Opening ceremonies kick off at 9 p.m. London time (4 p.m. ET / 6 a.m. 7/28 in the UK) link to original article

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