Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Today Is A Coloring Book – 28 July 2012

God said:

Hello! Good morning! How are you today? Smile right now, okay?

You are blessed to wake up. You are most blessed when you know that you are blessed. Know that you are blessed to greet the day. This is a day that the world has never seen before. The way a magician waves his cloak, the sun arises and reveals all. All is here to be presented. And, now, smile back at the sun that brings you this new day. The sun heralds this new day, and you herald this new day.

Today is like a coloring book. With what gorgeous crayons will you color the day? Hundreds of crayons are at your disposal. You are the one who brightens or shades your day. You are the colorer of your day. Pick out the colors you want. You are not at the mercy of the crayons, for you are the chooser. You are the colorer of your day.

Nor do you have to stay within the lines. Who says that you do? Let there be no borders to your day, no limits. What sort of day would you like? Well, have it. You are the determiner of your day.

Even if, when you get out of bed, you stub your toe, you are still the determiner of your day. Your day is not what happens in it. What happens in your day happens, yet you are the determiner of your day. If you slip on a marble, you are still the determiner of your day. Instead of being a nay-sayer, become an okay-sayer.

Whistle a happy tune. Walk on the sunny side of the street. Pick yourself up, and keep walking on a well-lit path. Lighten up your path with your good nature. Be a willing partner in life, for life is your coloring book, and you hold the crayons.

You are meant to be one who colors his life, not a critic of it, not a nag, not a head-shaker, not a frowner, not a foot-dragger, not a crawler, not a sobber, not a blues-singer, not a grumbler, not a mumbler, not a defector, not a defector of light. A light spirit be. Be a hummingbird of life. Be an elegant surfer who rides the waves and relishes them.

You spin the silk, and you weave your day. Spin a web of love. Be a joy on Earth. Be a joy-giver and joy-receiver. Be.

Life is what you say it is. There is no existence without your participation. What kind of day do you want today? Then have it. Within the framework life gives you today, build a house you like. Run up the stairs to it. Today is the house that Jack built. Hello, Jack, build a house you like. Like the house you build. Fare thee well.

Consider that you can sing any song you like. Well, then, choose a song you like. This is your opera. Today is your opera. Today is your appearance on stage. The curtain opens, the sun comes out, and you start singing. You are a bird that sings, calling the day to you, calling well. You are the caller of the tune of your day. If today is a square dance, you are the caller, and the dancers spin, and the world revolves.

All is in readiness. The conductor lifts up his baton. The orchestra of the day waits in obeyance for the conductor’s signal. You are the conductor. Wave your baton, and the music begins. You set it off. You are the concert-master. And so you spin the world. link to original article

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