Steve Beckow – Disinfo Flowing Freely Right Now – 28 July 2012

We may have some exciting news … no, scratch that … rumors for you in the next few days. And in light of them, we’re becoming more discerning by an order of magnitude in what we post.

You may wish to listen in to Geoff West’s Cosmic Vision News tonight because he too may be airing some interesting stories.

The cabal seems to be doing all it can to bias us against the galactics at this time. I don’t know how many times Alien Vs. Predator has played on TV. Or District 9 or Independence Day, all in an effort to frighten us out of our wits.

And in print some stories are coming out that profess to tell us about the history of the UFO cover-up while slipping into their narratives some pretty dicey stuff that would leave us suspecting the intentions of our galactic family. Which is probably the real purpose of the gratuitous stories professing to “reveal all.”

After having covered up the UFO presence all these years, suddenly “official sources” are telling the “real” story. But oftentimes that real story either takes one more swing at the galactics, places responsibility on the galactics for what the cabal has done (Allies of Humanity are the best example of this tactic), or else muddies the trail.

Other ostensible lightworkers are posting material that either misrepresents what’s happening at the moment or takes disinfo from elsewhere and incorporates it.  Never mind a flood hitting the Coast. We’re being flooded with disinfo at this time.

Operations like the Denver shootings are also a part of this last effort to unhinge or frighten us.

So you may see us not posting one or two of your favorites right now and the reason probably is that they may have swallowed some of the toxic stuff.  Or you may read an exciting story in another blog and wonder why we haven’t posted it here. Same general reason.

I’d like to think that we lightworkers have consistently wonderful discernment but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes we reprint what is sent around without giving too much critical thought to the content. I see several emails in my inbasket at the moment that demonstrate the tendency. And the cabal depends on us to repost uncritically to get their hidden or non-obvious disinfo out.

A battle is occurring at the moment for the hearts and minds of the people of the planet. The need for extra vigilance at this time may produce a few of what readers regard as anomalies. We apologize for that up-front but we consider it necessary right now. We also encourage other lightworkers to be extra cautious at this time. link to original article


2 responses to “Steve Beckow – Disinfo Flowing Freely Right Now – 28 July 2012

  1. Seems like there is much energy being lofted at the drama. What we choose to focus on becomes manifest. By naming the cabal we feed this energy. Specific identity becomes focused energy. Focused energy puffs up the identity. Thus a cult of personality emerges…a steadfast hierarchy of control that controls those that choose to feed the drama. Welcome to the machine you built. Give it not your attention and it will wither and rust my brother Steve and my brother Lucas. Be not one who mires at all In The drama. Seek what it is that tingles your soul and so post that. The very codes that will uplift your spirit will engage the machine of light. Brighten the light. Push the light to its most brightest of hues. Be not then one who must darken the dark. So they are. Arrest them with light, light our machines have lightened beyond the most unfathomable brightness. Arrest them with light!


  2. well, yes – that’s very true – this is why some ‘people” need to hurry up a little bit.