Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Desire And Let Go – 29 July 2012

God said:

A preference is not a plight. This will be good for you to remember. Because something doesn’t go your way means only that something isn’t going your way, as you see it. That you don’t get your desires fulfilled the way you want or as soon as you want doesn’t mean tragedy, disaster, reproach, callousness, intolerable. If a wish of yours does not go your way, no matter how much you want it, no matter how much you think you have to have it and how much you feel that the world has to give it to you, it is not for you to make a big thing of it.

It is a presumption in life to think that something – or everything – has to go your way! This is the way a little child sees the world. You are no longer a little child. It’s true, the world is at your service, yet not at your beck and call. The world is at your service, yet the world is not your valet. Nor am I, dear ones. I, too, am at your service. I am your willing God yet not your valet. I am not, what in earlier days, was called your abigaill. No, My dears, pick up after yourself and others. Let some of your desires be for others. Bear in mind that you are also to prepare the way for others. May your wishes be fulfilled yet not coerced.

Desire all you desires, yet do not demand them to appear. All your desires may be coming your way yet in their own time and in their own way, or, all your wishes do not have to be lined up, ready and waiting for you in the blink of an eye, or in an hour or a day or when you say.

Consider your wishes like a candy store filled to the brim with all kinds of delicious chocolate. It is your candy store. You own it. You may want all the chocolates, yet you can only have one chocolate at a time. Like wishes, you may desire all the yummy chocolates, yet you don’t demand to eat them all. And when all the orders for the chocolates you desire have not yet arrived, you don’t pout. It’s fine and dandy to have in your mind all the chocolates you want your candy store to contain. It’s your store, after all. If you ate them all, you wouldn’t be as happy as you like to think. Leave some candy for later, and leave some candy for others to taste.

When your desires in life are not fulfilled, have you not thought that you have been snubbed, thwarted, neglected, forgotten or even mistreated? That’s why you want to remember that your preferences are preferences. Do not equate your preferences with urgencies. Let go altogether of the sentiment known as: “Woe is me.”

Why even consider that woe is you. Woe is not you. Sigh if you like, yet no more woe and alas and alack. Be glad just to have desires. Desire desires, and let them go free.

The world turns, yet not always according to your say and your choice of way. Let the way it is be your way. You perhaps didn’t get something you wanted, or you got something you didn’t want. What’s the big deal? This isn’t the first time. The world is not obligated. The world is not a genie who must give you your wishes. The world will give you your three wishes, and the world will give you more than three wishes, yet the world doesn’t have to count. Nor do you, beloved, need to count your value according to your wishes fulfilled.

Enjoy your wishes whether they come to you or not.

Share your good wishes. Be happy somebody has them. Hoard not your desires. link to original article


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