Jean Haines – Presenting SAS Thoughts – Another Point Of View, Certainly – On Perhaps What Is The ‘Real’ Truth Of Our Present Seeming ‘Rush To Disclosure.’ – 29 July 2012

(Lucas : I will post this article by a friend of mine Jean Haines as an other view on things. I might be so people see things in an other light. The whole disclosure issue was today also on Drake’s Vital Weekend Update bormbarded by Lady Dragon as Cobra had said it would be for sure not for October 2012. I am sorry to say there is lots said and stated that is conflicting. I urge you to use your own discernment and know with your own heart what is and what is not true to you. It can be others truth nor yours. But even so it is a truth. We will learn in time things in duality are not of interest anymore. Being the one who is right or is wrong does not exist. There IS only. Read all with an open mind but know what you feel is your truth and if that resonates with you stick for sure to it.  Love and Light, Lucas)

Presenting SaS’ thoughts – another point of view, certainly – on perhaps what is the ‘real’ truth of our present seeming ‘rush to disclosure.’ ~Jean

When SaS shared thoughts with me yesterday, trying to make sense of all the info/disinfo that seems to be going around the internet surrounding the Olympics and Disclosure, I immediately felt we needed to get these insights out to you all. Clearly, we are presenting a different view on what we’ve been reading and seeing, but I sense SaS’s insights and guides are ‘spot on’ – and ultimately will prove to be correct. In fact, I think we clearly have been invited to convey this information to you to try to give you another viewpoint for your discernment. Read on – and, once again, my thanks to SaS for this very ‘real’ contribution to our own thought processes as we attempt to discern ‘truth’. 


I have an opinion that I would like to share with all of you and I am inviting all of you to discuss this issue thoroughly for it would seem that there are those of our race who would lead us astray and those who, in their innocence and ignorance, might empower them.

Here is a photograph, distributed by Kauilapele, of the space craft witnesses say was hovering above the Olympic Stadium in London. (Lucas correction: Kauilapele distributed no picture just copied one from the video that already was earlier posted before his story was posted on his blog.)

Notice it looks like a flying “broad-brimmed hat.”

Here is another picture Jean shared with me. There’s the little guy in the upper left-hand section of the photograph—see?  Again, the shape of a broad-brimmed hat!

Now look at captured photographs of the NAZI Vril Space Craft.  The beautiful woman in the bottom picture is Maria Orsic.  She was a powerful psychic and member of the Vril Society.

See what I mean?  Same-O, Same-O.

Now, look at the picture our sister Susan sent to us of REAL Galactic light ships.

Compare these to pictures published by James Gilliland.

They appear at night at times but they seem to promote an image of beauty and playful wonder.  They’re shaped differently too!

Here is a daytime shot taken by an unknown photographer over the California Desert of similar phenomenon.

Notice that they don’t follow an “air power” formation; they don’t fly lumbering uninteresting routes through our consciousness now do they?  No of course they don’t.  Their “mission” wouldn’t appear to be confrontational or intimidating.  They just seem to want to communicate with anyone who’ll give them the time: “Hey!  Look at me!”  They certainly aren’t communicating “I am all-powerful!  Fear me!”  like the craft in this next photo.

I don’t believe that the craft recorded flying above the Olympic Stadium are elements of the Galactic Alliance as some would (all too quickly) believe.  I believe that they are black-ops, reverse-engineered, Earth Craft based on “Vril” Technology captured from the Germans at the end of World War II.

Okay, that’s my opinion but study the pictures.  The photographs are real and they’re in the public domain.

In recent days, there’s been a spate of articles in the alternative press suggesting that “disclosure” was imminent and maybe it is!  But we’re all going to have to calm down and gather our thoughts to exercise great discernment because it is also a time of indecisiveness within the human condition.  Humanity is emerging from a restless slumber.  Our eyes are opening; our awareness is gradually becoming crystal clear; and, our thoughts are becoming more coherent.  We are in transition; exercise caution!

In The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, July 28-29, 2012 we read:

“While it will be nearly impossible to completely suspend mental chatter and analysis of where we are and where we are going (the Turning Point energy is changing our perspectives, perception, and directions), there isn’t any point in obsessing over anything.  We want the big picture but we won’t have it until after Monday.”

Again, if you listen to Dr. Greer’s latest discussion posted on this blog just recently (Dr. Steven Greer & Dr. Ted Loder: False Flag Events – July 27th, 2012), at about the nine minute mark, Dr. Greer begins to disclose the depth of the Cabal’s insidious plans.  His report reveals an intellectual collective completely detached from any common cosmic thread of communication.  They concoct elaborate strategies to mislead and confuse the global population; these tactics are bizarre in their composition—their complexity completely superficial; as though the foundations of their reasoning were nothing more than artificial—stage props to be destroyed after only one demonstration.

They all act as though they had some sort of angelic and preferential control over the mechanism of Divine Guidance.  Beloved brothers and sisters, they do not!  Both the quote from the Oracle Report and Dr. Greer’s assertions (laden with fact and undeniable empirical evidence) suggest otherwise: the Cabal is powerless!  They are becoming overwhelmed by our positive thinking; our “knowing;” and they are behaving in ways so desperate it is becoming difficult to imagine they might endure for much longer.

After Aurora, the subsequent disclosure of evidence that would suggest it might have been a psy-ops event, the Netanyahu administration working overtime to start World War III, and a rash of riots in different parts of the world, the previously docile public is beginning to exhibit impatience with authority.  EVERYONE is looking for deliverance from wherever it looks like it might come.  Under these circumstances, the lot of us are ripe for “mind-manipulation” and these photo-comparisons should be setting off alarms in our minds to USE DISCERNMENT.

I’ve been following Jean’s posts of the developing events and, what everyone is calling, “Breaking News.”  A few things caught my attention because they’re not making any sense to me.

For example, A Ms. Sierra Neblina—a woman claiming to be of Pleiadian descent,  “…revealed that the galactics are trying to push the hand of some government leaders to acknowledge that the time for Disclosure is well past.  For the galactics things are just not going fast enough.” [The 2012 Scenario].  In the posted article, we read: “Sierra tells us that Earth officials have until August 4th before matters are taken out of their hands and pass into the hands of the galactics.  Aug. 4 is the divine deadline for terrestrial leadership to impact events around Disclosure.”  More importantly, she identified an event that would serve as a sign that things were about to change saying, “we’ll know when things are about to break when someone in the U.S. government steps forward with documents or it starts to come through the U.S. news.” [Again, The 2012 Scenario]

There are numerous other posts and articles on the blog; people are suggesting something analogous to these claims just might be the case but I’m not here to argue either their assertions or discuss the credibility of their character.  Why should any Light Worker want to lie?  Of course, it doesn’t make any sense, does it?  No.  I guess not.  So, I accept Ms. Neblina’s claim to her heritage and I believe that she may have had an experience sufficient to give her the enthusiasm that registers in Steve Beckow’s article.  And, BELIEVE me, dearest little family, I have no truck with Steve Beckow!  Good grief!  I don’t want people to think I’m starting a shit-fight with folks who have labored long in the process of lifting up our consciousness and contributing to the general enlightenment of modern mankind.  My points are being made on a different level of scrutiny and for altogether differing reasons.

I’m not going to develop this opinion as a thesis on Galactic Disclosure and Cosmic Revelation.  That’s a topic better left to people like Dr. Greer and David.  I’m not a Zen Mystic.   When I want to find out something about a metaphysical aspect of my reality, I read Drunvalo, view a Zingdad video, or visit the Wing Maker’s site.  If I want to find out about the nitty-gritty undercurrent of my 3rd Density reality, I read Wilcock, Hancock, or Braden.  What I’m saying is that I’m not an expert on anything in particular and why should I want to be?  There are all of these wonderful people who work in this field of study (Cosmic Enlightenment) so my struggle becomes one of exercising discernment on a continuing basis.

Within the present context of events—given the assertions of people like Ms. Neblina and Steve Beckow along with many others—there are a few aspects of their interpretation that stand out as rather glibly overlooked.  Again, I don’t want to delve into anyone’s credibility—in particular, the credibility of the Galactics as their attitude and intentions have been suggested in these reports now represented as “Breaking News.”  We’re told that “Disclosure,” as a premier element of planetary normalization, is being “negotiated” with representatives of the U.N., the G20, various representatives of Military Contingencies from several “governments,” and—amusing as though it may seem—there is the report that “The Queen” is engaged in negotiating some kind of amnesty in return for her “cooperation” (whatever that cooperation might entail is anyone’s guess).

I found this all very interesting.  From my point of view, there isn’t a government on this planet, nor are there any “distinguished” personages or other such “authorities” even WORTHY of the power and preeminent domain required to represent MY LIFE and its unfolding destiny.  All of these controlling interests have proven to us that they are neither ethically or emotionally adept nor are they capable of operating under any conceivable authority justified in its actions by either the Will of the One Creator/God or the majority appeal of our species.  Who gave the “U.N.,” the “G20,” or even the Government of the United States the “sovereign right” to represent ME or anyone LIKE me in negotiations, the objective of which was to liberate mankind from the burdens of this insufferable lie?  No one.  Think on it.

I would recommend to the Galactic Representatives that they might better take my life and its destiny into consideration “negotiating” its particulars with a Palestinian peasant—a mother or father struggling to survive while trapped in an onslaught of murderous intent!  Perhaps, they might negotiate our planet’s future with Brazilians—chosen randomly from the abject poverty of a Favela in Rio De Janeiro—they might more specifically represent the aspirations of a struggling humanity than the pampered nobility we’re told are the ultimate authorities that speak for hapless billions.  I would not have the least concern if the Galactics were to consider Native Americans an “authority” with whom they could negotiate in good faith—these people, having suffered genocide at the hands of the elite, would understand the very meaning of the word “Freedom.”  But, no, we’re told that our entire future hangs in the balance because these powerful Galactic star-nations can’t seem to get the ruling elite to agree to the terms and conditions of an arrangement that would benefit ALL of humanity.

More cynical in its exposition is a report that the “Cabal” intends to ruthlessly kill the innocent if they are not given the power to rule over us.  Now tell me, beloved brothers and sisters, just what has the Cabal been doing to humanity for the better part of our lives?

Yes, you guessed right: ruthlessly killing the innocent!  Somebody illuminate this quandary for me; I might not have caught the gist of it!  Just what is the difference in the outcome for humanity?  We’re nothing more than organic waste product to this bunch so, someone edify me, what might be the benefits garnered for the human family through a “negotiated settlement?”

Nothing, nada, zip!

And, astonishing as it may seem, we’re also told that the Galactic authorities are beside themselves with concern for these victims.  So, they continue to indulge this degenerate landed aristocracy in an effort to save lives all the while watching these miscreants gratify their bloated bodies with the abundance produced by our tired souls and worn, calloused hands.  Really now, my darlings, SCREW these people!

Much too much important other work is being disrupted within the host of Light Workers to allow all of this tomfoolery to continue without the scrutiny that it deserves!  I am a Sovereign Integral and so are my brothers and sisters and no one “speaks” on our behalf!  We will speak in our own behalf and for the benefit of The ONE!  These “so-called” authorities have chosen a path to “explore the wisdom of separation!”

They won’t even COMMUNICATE with any of the rest of us! 

They don’t consider the lot of us worthy of our own profound existence and assert that many of us have no right to LIFE!  These are the people with whom our Galactic Family wishes to “negotiate” our “freedom?”  Who, in the name of all that is good and holy, gave these degenerates the authority to represent any of us as the press of ascension draws ever closer with each passing day?   Brothers and sisters!  Time is running out!  The shift is upon us as is the Will of the One Creator/God and this match will NOT be post poned!

No “bargain” was ever made with them!  That is a lie!  Light Workers don’t make deals with the Devil now do we?  Humanity has ALWAYS been on a quest to find balance in Nature and in the spiritual awareness of its human condition!  That’s why natives of the vast rain forests can survive in what might seem to be a hostile environment while those of us whose ancestors chose the path of “civilization” cannot.  That’s why “civilized” people bend and break Nature to their will only to have the violent opposite and equal reaction eventually claim their manufactured prosperity, health, and disharmony in a cataclysm of disaster!  Remember what “James” said we really are: “…deficient civilization builders.”  Civilizations come and civilizations go but Mother Earth keeps on turning upon the fulcrum of her consciousness to continue Her journey through the Heavens.  The power of the ONE is immutable!  Does everyone understand this?

I suspected that these reports of “Breaking News” were of a suspicious nature at best and became convinced that such was the case when I saw the shape of that seemingly other-worldly craft.  A couple of puny derelicts navigating the night sky as though they were a part of the fireworks display.  Tinkering!  That’s so like the Cabal!  You can almost visualize the event; their tiny minds over-heating as they strain their pitiful intellects to come up with something that might challenge the cosmic majesty of the Galactic Fleet!  Behold!  The power of the CABAL!   Chitty-chitty-bang-bang!  A couple of “Model T’s!”  How pathetic!  How utterly unimaginative they all are!  How stupid!  How completely feckless!

If you’re a Galactic sojourner and you’ve come light years across the Galaxy to impress the people of Earth, wouldn’t it be more effective to begin “disclosing” yourself to the common people—those whose very existence is dependent upon the vitality of their planet?  Continued exposure would produce a “knowing” within them all—the elders, the parents, and the children—the “100th Monkey effect.”  This common knowledge would expose this great lie with which we must now contend.  It would all come unraveled over a very short time and produce a beneficial and enlightened intercourse.

But no!  We’re told that we MUST accept the self-indulgent, self-appointed authority of self-centered, greedy, and degenerate life forms.  What is even more bizarre about this scenario—is the notion that we’re to “trust” the decisions made in our behalf as those made in good proportion and universally beneficial!  As if we are all swimming in a sea of prosperity, universal love, and contentment right now AND CAN TRUST THE NATURE OF THOSE WHO WOULD THROTTLE US DEAD!  What a load of bullshit this is, little family!  What?  The mighty Galactic Federation arrives with its millions of brave souls and tens of thousands of ships and then—to make a point to the Cabal—they send two puny ships to plot a half-ass course of divergence above the heads of tens of thousands of spectators caught up in the emotional exhilaration of the games?  THE GAMES?  We’re supposed to believe this?  THE EARTH IS DYING!

Gee Whiz!  Little family if I were a Theater Commander in the Galactic Federation of Star Nations, I’d send ten thousand ships in broad day light to confuse, disrupt, and generally scare shitless the murderous cabalistas who had just orchestrated yet another ritual killing of the innocent!  My intent would be to have them rationalize the consequences of their aberrant behavior should they continue to distress their fellows.

Think on it!  The people of the Light do not need convincing!  We are ONE!  The only people who would lose their bowels in an act of universal “disclosure” would be those people who have chosen the path of separation.  Lacking communication from the Source, they would cringe in fear, yes, but the rest of us would all find the event exhilarating—a joyous and wondrous “home-coming!”

We’re told that our Galactic brethren “think” differently.  Would they not also be “separate” from us if this were to be the case?  Wake up!  We are ONE.  If it is outrageous to US you can bet-your-behind that it’s outrageous to them just as well!  They do NOT think differently!  They find our misfortunes just as repugnant as we do!  There is no celestial distinction between the way that THEY think and the way WE think.  We are ONE.  We KNOW the same Source Field.  We think the same.

I would not be so arrogant as to speak for my beloved brothers and sisters but would recommend that we all exercise our discernment as our Miss Jean is want to have us do continually.  I would also recommend that we refrain from indulging in this unfathomably incongruent expose’ and focus instead on creating the granular detail of a new and extraordinary paradigm where peace, prosperity, abundance, harmony, and contentment are the powerful ideals behind our future governance.  AVOID CONFUSION!  Let “Them” know your thoughts!  Champion individual responsibility and accountability as a Sovereign Integral and do no harm!  Dive into the work and lay hold of your own future leaving nothing to chance or to the devilish malfeasance of those who have chosen “separation.”  BE FREE!  ACT AS FREE MEN AND WOMEN!  THINK IN UNRESTRICTED FASHION!  Stop waiting for “the other” to do you some good when it is all of you who must do good for the benefit of the ONE!

As for the Galactic messengers, their esteemed commanders, and the many councils of our cosmic brethren who labor in this effort to liberate an entire race of beings from the subjugation of their own ignorance, I would express my gratitude.  Thank you for thinking of this small but beautiful refuge suspended amidst the stars enough to gather it into your Galactic fold.  We accept your invitation and we commit to the work of enlightenment and self-empowerment.  But, my question then remains:  “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”  We are ALL Sovereign Integrals of The ONE.  We are sentient and have not authorized ANY “ONE” or “GROUP,” so self-appointed, to “represent” the best interests of our planet and its people, the life forms that abound upon it and within it, and the very elements of its host consciousness.  Receive our thoughts now!  They are NOT thoughts of submission and subservience!  We are ONE; YOU are ONE.  ACT as ONE!

Love and Light,

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