Steve Beckow – Clarification On Disclosure Rumors And Evidence – 29 July 2012

Already reports and comments are coming in that suggest that people believe that the 2012 Scenario has said that Disclosure will happen on August 5, 2012.

No, that’s not something we said.

What we’ve said here is that there’s evidence (not conclusive evidence, but suggestive evidence) that the divine deadline before which the galactics have to honor the freewill choices of Earth’s governments will pass on August 4, 2012.

If this evidence is a true predictor, it doesn’t bind the galactics to disclosing on August 5.

No one here, and perhaps not even the galactics themselves, know when Disclosure will happen. You’ve seen that a shooting in Denver can potentially put back the plans for Disclosure by removing President Obama from Washington.

Yes, the galactics have divine authority to prevent another false-flag operation on the scale of 9/11, but they don’t have authorization, to the best of my knowledge, to prevent a small-scale event like a shooting, even though it may have large consequences.

But that will change after August 4 – if what we believe is correct turns out to be so.

There’s no one on this blogsite who wishes to be the cause of your disappointment or discouragement through irresponsibly floating rumors that have no basis in fact, for the sake of things like a “scoop” or an “exclusive.”

But by the same token, we also know that you’d like to know of events that are large in significance and probable. We’re balancing the need to be responsible to you with your desire to know.

And yes, we rely on sources that many others don’t and that some others regard as not credible. Everyone needs to follow what resonates with them and what their discernment recommends. While we try to offer the evidence of the sources we rely on, we make no pretensions to “having an inside track” or knowing any more than we do. link to original article


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