Andrea & Earth Allies – It’s OK If You Feel Confused! – 30 July 2012

And it’s ok if you feel you don’t know what to believe in anymore.

This is happening as the last walls of illusion fall.

Many used to fasten some sort of seat belt when things got challenging, thus these same seatbelt were nothing but illusionary programs.

It has been said over and over that ALL had to be let go in order to step into the New energies of Love. If one did not do this in advance one finds itself into what is felt like a storm right now.

This “storm” is nothing but the Change. And no Change can happen by holding on to old believe systems, no matter how hard you try, you’ll hit a wall over and over from now on.

Thus the only way of bringing this wall down is by literally letting it go.

If you feel confused and project this confusion onto others the best thing that can happen is that your confusion becomes frustration and frustration becomes anger, and guilt.

None of this is necessary.

You already have all the tools you need right Now to get over this and to transform what seems unknown into a well Known. This well-known is your True Self.

Life after life you were dressed with labels that no more fit in any way, you’ve grown out of them so fast… this time however there’s no need for another dress, it’s time for dressing Your Light, which is the Love you are.

If you feel something does not fit you… let it go.

If you feel someone is trying to “attack you”… let it go.

If you feel you don’t know how to Be anymore… let it go.


Breathe all the Love in and all the old out… and let it go.

Let go your feeling of not being worth as you Are, without any need to prove it.

Let go of the feeling you need to do something as you don’t need to do anything, only to Be.

Follow the Joy… and you’ll find Miracles.

Follow your Heart… and you’ll find All you truly need right Now.

If you feel confused… it’s ok. Don’t try to act out your confusion or it will enhance. It will grow bigger.

Confusion means your old does not work anymore and you’re on the line of “no return” into True Love.

Whatever you choose Now will be your path.

Think of what you dream to See and Live… then Be this Choice within yourself. The rest will unfold at Lightspeed.

Confusion is the step between a non-choice. Between an old path and a new path. NoOne can make this choice but you.

Feel free to make eighter choice, but please do it consciously as you’ll live any path you choose.

My advice is to Choose Love.

Love flows… and dissolves all suffering and all illusions giving you True Freedom. Thus noOne will judge you if you choose a different path. It’s your choice. It has always been. Simply be aware of what you choose by any thought you create.

It’s the time you truly look inside and make this choice by yourself. It’s the time noOne chooses for you anymore.

It’s your time Now.

Choose wisely, all the tools you need are here already.

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One day, ALL will Be Home again, as that’s the only Place we all are right Now.

All our Love,

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