Current TV – Jennifer Granholm – The War Room – What’s Working: Food Bank Brings 17 Million Pounds Of Produce To Hungry Families – 30 July 2012

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“Food is food when you’re hungry, but it’s hard to beat fresh food,” says Allen White, assistant operations manager at the San Francisco Food Bank. The food bank’s “Farm to Family” program pioneered the connection between local farms and regional food banks to bring fresh food to low income people. Food is distributed at the food bank, but also in farmer’s market style stands within communities. “If I would have to buy this, I couldn’t afford it…
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(Lucas : Comment – In my home country The Netherlands the concept of the Food Banks exploded over a 15 years and is growing bigger by the day. The need for food is great amongst those who can not survive due to the crisis and staggering debt and or by not having enough earned income to live on. Yes this is the reality of this world. We have already forgotten that we those who always said to be the first world countries are becoming our own third world countries. Poverty and malnutrition, beggars and people not able to come by on a pension or pay the health care bills and insurance (even punish for it by having fines) that is what we have come to. A world we should be ashamed of as there is enough on this world for everybody. Only now the privileged, the corporate states and companies own the people. Yes we are their debt slaves. We pay the bills for their criminal financial system that owns the judicial and democratic farce of representation called parliament or congress and senate the people and therefore the lawmakers, they own the law enforcement if it is military and police. They own our food and others supplies and utilities.Yes your are really slaves even if you thought this was abolished long ago. When Do you realize that there is need for action in peaceful ways to changes this. We still have the power people only you should remember and act like it. By boycotting, by civil disobedience, by not following unlawful and unjust orders, statutes, bills, laws, by keeping our oaths to serve the constitution and its people not our own pockets and interests.)

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