Jelaila Starr – The Niburian Council – Jelaila’s Weekly Messages – China, Iran and US Conflict-Replaying Our Galactic Past – 30 July 2012

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It’s not unusual for people who are channels for off-world groups, and even those who just have good guide contact, to receive information via downloads.  These downloads, often occurring during sleep, are much like packets sent over the Internet.  The downloaded packets remain locked in the subconscious until some person or circumstance triggers them open.
More often than not it is a question that someone asks that triggers the download.  This powerfully effective method allows those in other realms to efficiently transmit information to Earth.  For example, for several years, I part of my yearly assignment was to teach galactic history.  It was through downloads sent by the 9D Nibiruans the night before the workshops that I was able to piece together the bigger picture of our galactic past along with how those events are replaying today.  (I wrote that information in Mission Remembered and videos of three of those workshops are in the Mission Remembered, Set Three.)
One such download occurred a couple of days ago.  My friend Julie  and I have both been following the news about Iran.  Why is the US trying to start a war with them, we wondered?  That question triggered the download.  Like puzzle pieces, the information began forming a picture.  I could see how seemingly random events and unconnected players were actually part of this huge global movement that would coalese into a great economic shift  I could also see how all those events were a replay of an ancient galactic event.  Going further, this event would determine whether we are released from financial slavery or bound for generations to come.  Whoa!
I’m going to do my best to piece the picture together for you but with limited space, some info will be left for research.  Use the links provided and also do Google searches if need be.
A year or so ago Iran upset the US by their decision to sell oil for Russian and Chinese currencies.
The upset the US because our economy depends on the dollar continuing to be the world reserve currency. Any country that decides not to do so is a threat because it would devalue the dollar leading to higher prices acrose the board.  If you go back and research you will find that issues between Iran and the US begin to rise after the currency change.
Even after numerous threats from the US, Iran remains set on their current policy.  I don’t see them changing because they are being  by Russia and China.  What most Americans don’t realize is that Iran has a long history of being a peacful nation, in fact, they have not invaded another country in over 100 years.
But it’s not just about the oil….it’s also about technology and this is where the piece about our galactic past comes in.  I believe we are replaying the demise of Maldek in an attempt to finally get it right, thereby healing the past.
Briefly, Maldeck was a planet that once existed between Mars and Jupiter. Its remains are now in the Asteroid Belt.  Maldek was a key base in a galactic war being fought  between the Draconians of the Orion Empire and the Human worlds of the Galactic Federation (GF). (See the 2005 and Beyond Templates series).
The GF was trying to fend off the Draconions’ attempt to gain control and enslave the human colonies on Earth, Mars, Venus and Maldek.  Maldek had eventually fallen to the Draconians along with Pluto, the other key base for the GF.    Like all worlds taken over by the Orion Empire, Maldek would be enslaved and a frequency fence (scalar techology that is now being used on Earth) put around them.  The GF knew they were near the end and decided to ask for surrender terms.  Not willing to lived in a prison camp, a group of GF members devised a covert plan.  They would use a new scalar device to destroy Maldek.  The GF knew the Draconians held each planet as sacred and to destroy one was tantamount to the most grievous sin. Though it would mean sacrificing Maldek’s colonists, they believed that destroying a planet would bring the end of the war.
Maldek was destroyed and the GF did rout the Draconians long enough to regain an upper hand and win the war.  But because the real lesson was not learned and a planet was destroyed, massive amounts of pain were created.  That pain would follow those involved for eons to come and they would have to continue replaying until everyone involved made the right choice.  As I said, based on the info in the download, this event is being replayed as the numerous events that will coalese into the great economic shift.  And the players whether big or small are the same souls.
Back to the present.
So what is it about Iran that keeps the US trying to provoke a war?  I believe Iran, backed by Russia and China, is being used to help end America’s rule as the dominant world power.  (It’s my understanding that Syria is also working with them and that is why we are hearing about Syria now.)  As with Iran, many of the atrocities occuring in Syria were instigaged by the US (you’ll need to go research this).  In fact, any oil-producing country that decides to follow Iran will be targeted by the US.
Keshe Foundation
Last week, I gave you a link to M.T. Keshe’s website:
Mr. Keshe is an Iranian-born nuclear engineer who developed plasma reactor technology. This technology can restore the earth, heal disease, control the weather, end famine, and provide free energy.  It can also be used in warfare and enable a man in a control room to wipe out entire fleets of military equipment including tanks and even warships by destroying their electrical systems.  it can also be used to teleport ending our dependency on planes, cars and trains.  To ensure that no country lays claim to it, Mr. Keshe sent the patent to scientists around the world.  Yep, it’s totally free!
Mr. Keshe then sent letters to the leaders of all nations asking them to allow their respective scientists to produce the devices for all peoples.  Of course, the US response was to label Mr. Keshe a threat to national security. What’s new?
Back to Maldek.
In this replay, we again have two opposing sides.  The pro-human (GF) side is comprised of Global Elite or PTB (Powers that Be) that want to free humanity.  The other side is those of the same groups that don’t.  And they are in all countries. The pro-human side is on board with Mr. Keshe.  Why?  It is the one thing that they know can stop the other side without firing a single shot or destroying our planet by starting a 3rd world war.  It’s my understanding that Mr. Keshe’s technology is  simply the rediscovered technology used on Maldek.
Iraq’s Role (The Goose that laid the Golden Egg)
After nearly 10 years of war, Iraq is ready to revalue their currency back to pre-war rates.  That means it will go from less than 10 cents to the US dollar to over $3.40 (some are saying even higher).  Combine that with the discovery of massive oil and natural gas reserves, Iraq will be one of the richest countries in the Middle East and their currency will be one of the most valuable in the world.  The reemergence of Iraq (Babylon)  as a superpower was foretold in the Bible.
This is due in part to the new change in currency rules controlled by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which controls the central banks of all nations. Because of Iraq’s recently discovered natural assets, their dinar will be the currency that will completely shift the world economy.
Now this global economic shift can go one of two ways as I explained above.  What will keep it from going the way that works against us?  I believe that depends on all of us.  Why?  Our consciousness, how we view the powers that be…whether we see ourselves as victims or co creators…determines the outcome.
Back to the galactic past.
I, along with many of you, spent years doing emotional clearing and grid work in order to stablize key grid points. Though we understood that it was for this time, we didn’t know the details of how that would look.  I think we are seeing that now.
The work the Nibiruans guided me to do (template making), was to help ensure that a more compassionate and positive outcome to past galactic events was possible.  When doing templates, you only  have to have one moment in time to create it; when everyone is in agreement both mentally and emotionally.  It won’t matter if everyone involved falls back into conflict afterward, the new pattern has been set and the timeline altered.  Events from that moment forward will transpire along a different pathway and that pathway will culminate in a moment that aided by the new template, has a very good chance of turning out right.
We created templates for Maldek from 1996 to 2005 and continued to tweak them as needed until 2009.  From a galactic standpoint the foundatoin has been laid, the events have continued to play out and now we are at the final stage.  What happens in the next 30 to 60 days will determine our fate as a world.  Those souls who now make up the two sides of this global situation as previously explained will determine our future.
Back to the Global Economic Shift.
The economic shift was supposed to have occurred this week but didn’t due to new issues arising and I feel strongly that the new issue may be connected to  Mr. Keshe’s technology.  It may be being played as a trump card by the pro-human Powers that Be against who would keep us enslaved.  Does it get used negatively and a 3rd world war ensue, or will the players find a way to compromise?
You and I can make a difference and here’s how.  Learn about what is really going on.  David Wilcock’s site is a good place for info:
Learn about Maldek.  Many of us are here from that timeline. Feel it in your body…what part do you resonate with, what part did you play?  Find the compassion for both sides, comprehend the lesson the humans needed to learn in order to avoid destroying a planet (it’s in the workshop info) and then send that energy into the grid.  It will joiin with that of others.  That compassion will then support the men and women who are sitting in negotiations now to determine the fate of our world.
I am hearing from numerous channels that the more highly evolved off world councils, individuals, and guides are stepping back now.  They know that we must take these last steps on our own.   This is our time, our graduation.  Let’s step up and do it right.  Are you with me?
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