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Andrea & Earth Allies – It’s OK If You Feel Confused! – 30 July 2012

And it’s ok if you feel you don’t know what to believe in anymore.

This is happening as the last walls of illusion fall.

Many used to fasten some sort of seat belt when things got challenging, thus these same seatbelt were nothing but illusionary programs.

It has been said over and over that ALL had to be let go in order to step into the New energies of Love. If one did not do this in advance one finds itself into what is felt like a storm right now. Continue reading


Infinite Waters – How To Deal With Universal Mind Control—Be Free…Awakening To A World Of Infinite Possibilities! – 30 July 2012

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John Ward – Troika’s Athens Demand : More Axe And More Tax – Troika Reads Riot Act To Greek Coalition – 30 July 2012

Evangelo Venizelos more Friar Tuck than Robin Hood

But Privatisation demands may produce stalemate today

I’ve been getting some irate emails from Greek Sloggers of late – especially those who earn a living suplying goods to the Athens Government. Their bitch is simple: while the new Coalition is very happy to suck up to the Troika, monies it owes to its own citizens can go hang. As one correspondent remarked last Thursday, “It’s easy to balance the books if you don’t pay any bills”. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Why Is It So Hard To Do The Right Thing? A Tipping Point – 30 July 2012

I’m in the midst a revolution in my outlook at this moment. It cuts across the importance of so many other things that I’m practically at a standstill with my life.

The importance of Disclosure for me, of pressing matters in my personal and “work” life, of commitments and engagements all pale before the impact of this insight. And what anyone else feels about it becomes inconsequential before what I feel about it. Continue reading

Jelaila Starr – The Niburian Council – Jelaila’s Weekly Messages – China, Iran and US Conflict-Replaying Our Galactic Past – 30 July 2012

Hey ,
It’s not unusual for people who are channels for off-world groups, and even those who just have good guide contact, to receive information via downloads.  These downloads, often occurring during sleep, are much like packets sent over the Internet.  The downloaded packets remain locked in the subconscious until some person or circumstance triggers them open. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 30 July 2012

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Visionkeeper – Creator Leaves Message Of Love Everywhere – 30 July 2012

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This spring when I moved to my new house I had to build a garage, as I couldn’t make it through a long, snowy winter without one. When I was younger maybe, but shoveling my car out of snow banks everyday now  seemed a bit overwhelming to me. Just before the builders left, the white stone was delivered to go down in the ditch for the excess water to run through into the drain. As I stood there looking at this big pile of small white stones I couldn’t help but notice there on the very top of the pile lay a perfect heart-shaped stone. A good sign in my book. Of course I saved it as a remembrance. Creator leaves us little messages everywhere if we just look. Like the picture above, even nature’s flowers speak to us of hearts and love and how to live the perfect life of harmony. Continue reading