Lisa Gawlas – The Expanded Energy Of Time – Of August! – 31 July 2012

There is so much happening energetically this final week of July, all building up to the expanded energies of August.  I have been saying since last year that August is a month like none other that we have ever experienced.  Thru each and every reading these last couple of weeks, I have been seeing and feeling what that means to us.  But man oh man, the words to give it coherent meaning has been the hardest thing for me to do!

So what I am going to attempt to do today is break some of the stuff I know is happening down into sections, over several sharings and find the words to give it some sort of life.

One of the most exciting (and still very confusing…smile) things I am seeing these days is what I call a timeline.

Every single day contains what I call a vibration of time.  When these vibrations unfold in a reading, it gives us a sense of timing.  When the most likely time something that is being shown to you will happen.

For a decade these packages of time have been tightly woven energies.  So tightly woven it was clear what days, weeks or months they represented and even unfolded into years and on rare occasions decades.

With the acceleration of 2012, time has not been behaving like I am accustomed too.  For the last several months, it is like these tightly woven packets of energy have started to expand.  So even tho a single day is still represented in the field, it now looks and feels so utterly different than it ever has before that it has been really hard to me to get a “feeling” of timelines.  Until yesterday thru my first reading of the day, I never really realized what was happening within our perception of time.

Just to make this sharing easy to understand, lets say if something unfolded in front of you… maybe like 6 inches from where you are standing in your “now” moment, I knew that was representing the next couple days.  If it was a foot or so in front of you, it was about a week away.  And it always came with a feeling of time.  (I hope you get the idea.)

Like I said, time itself has been changing tremendously over the last several months.  Honing into a particular timeline was more and more difficult.  I tried to interpret date lines from what I had known…

Yesterday a lady showed up in her “now” moment and she was going to be presented with two very important sets of downloads represented by apples (soul wisdom.)  The first apple, singular in presentation showed up in a timeline I would have been sure represented close to a week and within 3-4 days from receiving that integration of wisdom 3 more apples will integrate within her all at once.  With the visuals of this imagery I was placing this full integration into mid-August until something threw me for a giant loop…

The 8:8 Lionsgate timeline showed up (August 8th) just in front of her set of three apples, represented by a massive golden triangle of energy.  We will get to what this means in another sharing.

This threw off my datelines by a huge degree!!  So I had to go get inside these (perceived) timelines and figure out what the hell??

What I fully realized was the energy of each and every day…. expanded.  A single day no longer unfolds in a space of 6 inches, it now unfolds in the space of a foot and a half!  THAT’S HUGE!!  This means you have much more “energy” available to you each and every day.  Lets just take this into something we can all relate to, manifesting.  Lets say we had tried to manifest, I don’t know, a chocolate bar and it seemed to always take a full week to go from working the inner energy of desire to the outer expression of your desire… now, it will be there within hours!

I know that spirit has been saying thru June and July that the energy we are being infused with is a super concentrated energy that we will use.  Of course, that pesky universe we all love so much doesn’t give us the concrete details of HOW we are going to use it… just that we will.

Now to really complicate an already complicated subject (at least it is for me,) not everyone is on the same version of time as others.  Some are just now experiencing the energies of lets say… May, when the sun changed our whole atmosphere with the eclipse.  Others are just coming out to the dark into the Light of their new day.

We can look at this in two different ways.  One, is that all timelines have converged into the same space of our reality.  So old dense 3D appears to show up right next to your highly accelerated life, which can really blur the lines of all that is intensely happening in your world.

Remember, Like attracts like and there is no getting around that one!!  That is the law of energy!  So someone who appeared to be your best friend yesterday starts treating you like you have the plague, because, energetically you do to them.  They (or you yourself) will start moving further and further away from energies that do not vibrate like you do.

This will happen so fast that it may make you feel bad (please don’t, remember, this is a game… everyone is still madly in love with each other on the other side of the veil.  Take NO-THING personally.)

I had read for a man yesterday who was talking about his family having a birthday celebration in his home state,  They were supposed to skype with him so he could be present.  They forgot all about him and the skype promise and he felt bad.

The information that was presented to him about all this, for me, was just so exciting.  We remember, long for, interact with people of our like vibrations.  When we change, rise within our vibrational frequency, remove ourselves from old energy… we have literally removed our energy from their entangled ball of energy.  They don’t even think about us because their energy is no longer vibrationally a part of ours.  So don’t ever feel slighted if someone “forgets you” find a way to celebrate it, because you have changed!!

To fully use this new expanded energy of August, it takes a really clean machine to create the most with it.  This expanded energy is LOVE.  Pure, undiluted, radiantly expanded LOVE energy.  It will not hold discordance in its presence… it can’t.

Keep in mind, this energy is not passive at all.  It is aware, conscious and interactive 24/7.  It works by the true intention of the heart.  So if you heart is yearning to be a full on participant of this new creation (well, new to us) and your mind is holding onto discordant energies (relationships, dwellings, jobs, thoughts, whatever) it will create the way to fully clear you of that.

Have we talked yet about LETTING GO!!??  It may seem difficult to do at first, but let me tell you (from my own experience) it is easier to let go consciously than have it ripped from you.  One way or the other tho….

I find this moment in time so synchronictic on my crazy facebook page.  They forced me into what they all “Timeline” which seems to separate so much time into packets.  I have been avoiding this new presentation of facebook but somehow, it feels so appropriate to just let go and do it this way now.  I will pimp out my page when I return later today!!

I am going to have to close on that note.  I have an appointment out-of-town this morning.

Enjoy this moment, you will never pass this way again!!

I love y’all so much!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of Dreams Come True NOW!!  (Can I just say that was the name of a Dating Service I once had: Dreams Come True Dating Service – BIG BIG Gentle Feathery Grins)

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