Lucas – Disclosure, Timelines And Right Or Wrong – Forget Duality, Here Comes Oneness – 31 July 2012

Dear ones,

I have told you before about the shift that took place in the balance for the light forces that make the end of our timelines  imminent as all is spiralling down the vortex of rebirth or reset to its origin again. We are going back to oneness even if we think or experience being on another road toward that goal. Duality and all the different timelines, multi or inter-dimensional, parallel or not are coming to the endpoint or better said new beginning as One.  All need for discussions and commentaries and negative ambiguities will end if you see this this way.

Your heard Bill Brockbrader/AKA Bill Wood talk about the timelines one and two in his video some time ago.  I have explained my way what is going on. It looks like, in the seemingly still existing duality thinking, that people are right or wrong, but it is not. There is no right nor wrong.  You all are right and no-one is wrong.  But all rights and wrongs are just part of that bigger picture you will not perceive yet and is called Oneness.  In Oneness there is no duality and all just Is.

Therefore see that despite  all our differences and experiences we will all proceed to our common end-goal.  Focus all together on the common end-goal and not about who is right or wrong. It is irrelevant.  The end goal is our common goal. If you let go of duality you will see there is but one outcome. Returning to unity in unconditional love, peace and harmony in a never-ending abundance as the Divine, Creator, God has decreed.

I will not go into or be busy with all the different opinions of SaLuSa, Steve Beckow, Cobra and so many others. Disclosure will come as will the abundance program and our renewal of the governmental systems and earth’s healing. With help or not from the ET and Inner-Earth friends, WE have the power within our hearts to manifest that change.  We are the ones we have been waiting for so long, just wake up and see this.  We all will work on our levels and timelines, spiraling down the vortex of oneness to the endpoint that is also the beginning of the new. There is no need to attack or hurt anyone or judge others for their truths. Your truth is yours and it is OK as it is.

See your desire and longing for change and call for freedom and sovereignty of our humanity from the duality force called the dark.  Look beyond  our “thought of conflicts”  towards a new vibrational level that will be  our common goal. If you see the oneness as the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and focus on it the last chapters of this closing book, we will make it all together as One and maybe ‘sooner’ than you think.

My hope is you will stop fighting and arguing and stop knowing everything better, being annoying commentators  and or being the so-called gurus or educated teachers or erudite eloquent speakers or writers that have name or fame.  You are nothing of the sort at all. It is enough to BE.  But as I always have said even you can discern this writing of mine and have your thought or opinion on it, just keep that to yourselves if you have learned maybe one thing from what I have been talking about here. If you must differ than leave at ‘that’.  All after ‘that’ is not beneficial in any way.

I wish you all a good journey that we all need to make in the best way we can together. Let us keep the common goal in mind and not that what seems to separate us.  We need to let go of the old paradigm and make place for the new to come in Unity. So forget duality here comes Onenes.

Love and Light,


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