Ron Van Dyke – ET Disclosure At Olympics With Obama? – Maybe – 31 July 2012

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The truth is, I don’t know how this thing is going to play out; and I am no longer willing to think I do know. I don’t know the how…PERIOD! I do strongly feel that we are living in a time of revelation, a time of integration and a time of transformation. I do know that we are not alone in the universe; and we never have been. What we see physically is only a small portion of Reality. The Cosmos is huge and buzzing with Life, most of it invisible to our eyes. In fact, I am convinced that nothing, or very little, is as it appears. Therefore, it would not surprise me if a UFO lands in the middle of the Olympics and Obama gets out with ET’s and other world leaders to tell the truth long denied; and, it won’t disappoint me if it doesn’t happen that way.

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