Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – 31 July 2012

Good Morning dear readers!  What a roller coaster we have been riding as the weather either fries us or drowns us in some way!   Not that it hasn’t been expected.  Humanity certainly has been given plenty of warning over many centuries through the ancient ones leaving their messages for this time.   We are experiencing the gift of compassion for others and the strength to overcome the physical and mental problems that have filled our world as the Shift proceeds through its ordered time.   Central Arizona has been very dry and the seasonal monsoon is mostly dripping instead of pouring the life-giving water to our forests and deserts.  Still, we are very thankful to be where we are here.

Construction is starting to pick up a little in Payson, but jobs are still very scarce.  Husband and I are doing pretty good for our age.  Our daughter and her husband live with us, and that is such a blessing.  We all need to count the blessings we have through sharing our knowledge and abilities with others.  Make August a special time.  Thank you for your love and the messages – they mean a lot to me.


MASTERS:    “Summer is in full swing across the world.  Athletes are competing for prizes in London, and millions of people are starving or being killed by unruly leaders.  It does not take much to see how unsettled humanity has become.  To make predictions regarding weather around the world at this point we can only give you an overview of the world as we see it now and consider the effects of the planetary shifting for the next month.

North America will continue to experience outstanding temperatures.  The U.S. and Canada will see new records broken as the blasts from the Sun hit here and there indiscriminately.  Storms racing across the continent from the Arctic, even down through Mexico and Central America, will be in the news most of the month of August.  The good news, as we see it now, is that by the end of the month, all of this will start to subside and a more normal September will give the world some relief.  The hurricane patterns now being studied are off balance as well, not living up to their normal expectations as sea currents are producing lower temperatures than are normal for this time of year.

We see only one really strong storm hitting the East Coast of the U.S. this month.Europe and Asia will be the focus points of the atmospheric upheavals this month and into the Fall season.  Heavy rains and winds will hit the higher elevations causing flooding, avalanches, and freezing temperatures far ahead of the normal seasons.  We expect that the Earth will react to the intensity of the Sun’s excessive heating by movement of the continents , which, even slightly, will cause a new round of earthquakes in areas of known faults and the opening of new ones.  The great rift in Africa will be seen to move this month, and numerous volcanoes on the African lands will start to make themselves known.

Your inner core is, as has finally been determined by your experts, heating up quite rapidly, especially at the poles.  News of the melting of great ice packs is now openly accepted as scientists are discovering deep chasms in the Artic and Antarctic.  The predictions of rising sea levels are no longer being touted as nonsense, as areas of the world that lie only a few feet above sea level are now in real danger of sinking beneath the waves.   Great Britain’s island kingdom is also experiencing higher tides and problems with sea levels.

The good news?  Is that you have been forewarned and people around the world are taking precautions to protect themselves and their property against loss or even famine.  Crop losses are being realized and new ways of preserving food and  farming are being taken into consideration.  Many of you who have been listening to these spiritual warnings and heeding your own inner being are helping to make this time of universal shifting a realization of the advent of new knowledge and new ways of living around the world.

Stay aware of your weather forecasts and, if it is time to move out of the way of disaster, do so immediately.  “Things” can be replaced; takes time to replace people.  Do not let fear take over your lives.  Each of you have flung yourselves into this lifetime to be a part of this great planetary shift with great excitement and expectation.  You may not feel that way perhaps, but it is part of your inner soul – you are very special.   Remember, ask when you need help.  We are listening.”

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Dear Masters:  So many reports from readers of the feeling of emotional shifting within themselves and the world around them, that it becomes obvious that this IS happening.  Channels are reporting these effects all over the internet.  Please explain what is going on and how long this will last.

MASTERS:   “Does everything lately seem to be slightly off, your interests changing drastically, television productions seem too violent, too absurd, or really irritating?  Have your tastes in food, changed recently?  Has there been an opening in your concepts of who you are or what other people are like changing?   You are not imagining this.

Your awareness of the unusual weather patterns and plates moving about  in the crust of the Earth is becoming an actual shifting in the consciousness of humanity.    You are, and will be, seeing yourselves and others differently as you go through your normal lives.  Why?

As we have spoken about before many times, the word “frequencies” has to do with this.  As the planet’s place in the solar system has been changing slightly, so the frequencies that hold it there have produced numerous quakes and volcanic upsets.  Inner heating is melting the huge ice covers around the world; sea levels are rising.    It is not so hard to see then, that the consciousness  of humanity is also being  affected by this change in frequencies.

How does this affect you personally?   Have old memories started to pop up at odd times, perhaps things you really don’t want to remember?   Or perhaps some really beautiful memories that have slipped by for a long time?   Do you feel like crying for no reason at all?   Memories are becoming a constant companion for many of you, and, for those who need memory to work efficiently,  short and long-term memories are becoming easier to hang on to and use.  Computers are but an extension of human memory, after all.

Emotions are something else again.  The political battleground that is so necessary to keep your governments going is becoming a real irritant to many of you, prompting you to turn off the TV and find something more realistic to watch.  Emotions are running very high now, as they always do at such a time, but the stronger frequencies are causing even the most experienced politicians to say things they are sorry for the next day!   Your emotional well being is being massaged in a way that has never happened before on Planet Earth.  Your lifetime this time around is being magnified in all ways, according to the path you have chosen.  Your highs are higher, and your lows are almost unendurable.  Tempers flare easily and there is an inner need for something, something, but what?

People need people and the search for companionship becomes a necessity now, for someone else who understands what you are feeling.  Then, when everything is going well, negative thoughts flare up and ruin the whole thing.   It is very important at this time of transition that humanity makes a real effort to understand that emotions control most of your thoughts and feelings; this will be hard to manage for the next year or so.   To do so, it is needful to just stop for a few seconds or minutes to realize there is something different that is making you feel uncomfortable; allow yourself to see each situation very realistically instead of emotionally.  This will give you time to find ways to handle any situation without blowing it!

Those of you who are more spiritually aware feel this shifting as an energetic opportunity  and are, perhaps, in a situation where you can see and feel new ways of thinking and feeling that others cannot.  Poets are filled with new images, and writers are coming up with subjects they never thought of before.  Athletes are finding new strength and ways to control their bodies than they did before.  Different sounds of music are drumming through the heads of musicians, bringing new sounds to humanity that are harmonious instead of the raucous sounds that fill the airwaves now.   Scientists are, and will be, breaking through the difficult realities of space and time.  Nature itself is changing in ways that will be wondrous to behold.  New varieties of plants are appearing as ancient ones seem to fade away or change.

Nature itself is changing, as is becoming quite obvious of course.  Animals are going through slight physical  transformations and their mental awareness is increasing.  Pets either need more loving, or are becoming more into themselves, feeling uncomfortable perhaps.  Abnormalities in some wild animals will be observed; new species will be encountered very soon all over the world.

The frequencies of any life form are nature’s way of creation.  This is not something to be fearful of now, it is creation itself giving humanity and all life on Earth a new face and a new chance to find life more fulfilling.   Let your thoughts flow and your emotions react to what is new and different.   Yes, it works the other way, too.  There are those who will use the new energy in negative ways for their own selfishness and need for power and wealth.  This is as it has always been, and always will be in matter.  See it for what it is, and walk away.

Instead, be very close with your inner self now.  Be aware of your feelings and know that your soul is within this body for a very important reason.  Meditation may seem to be old hat, so to speak, but is now very important to allow the mind to meld with the higher consciousness that is really you.  Your path in life will be much easier and enjoyable when there is no conflict between your soul memories and your everyday thoughts and actions.  .We are always with each and every soul being in human form, helping and answering prayers all the time.  Remember, “Ask and you shall receive”.


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