Visionkeeper – You Don’t Have A Soul…. – 31 July 2012

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Like the picture says, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” Such an appropriate quote for this time in humanity’s awakening process. It is past time the world realizes and more importantly embraces the fact we are a soul, part of the whole of creation connected through the spirit that lives in all things. We have lived our lives according to what others have expected from us, now it is time to begin to live our lives according to what WE expect from ourselves. It is time to begin to feed our souls at long last instead of starving them to death.

The sacred food of souls is of course love and gratitude and in the dark driven hell we have existed in for far too long, we have felt or offered very little of either to the world or to ourselves. We have stuffed our bodies until we have become an overweight nation, trying to fill the void within. Our bodies need live food to flourish and thrive yet we stuff our bodies full of dead food with little or no nutritional value and wonder why we are sick. We starve our souls to near death and wonder why we feel so lost and without purpose. We are killing ourselves because we are souls not bodies! Wake up call time for everyone! It is time to start feeding our souls!

The time has come to start realizing that we are far more than the body we see as our being. It is merely an outer casing that holds our spirit/soul within. Yes our body is obviously a part of who we are, but it is in no way all of who we are. When we die our body dies and returns to the earth, but our soul/spirit soars out into the universe still very much alive and renews itself in a new life form. We continue being for eternity and this is why there are so many well documented cases of past life remembrance. We have lived many times before and will continue to live on.

Each time we return to earth to live out another lifetime we come in with lessons that need to be learned that we were unable to complete the lifetime before. It is important for us to work hard each lifetime to face our challenges and overcome them so we can eventually move on to higher dimensions where we will no longer need to return to our human bodies on earth as we will have completed our mission here. We are not bodies! We are soul/spirits of etheric light and grace come to earth to resurrect the vibration of love and gratitude on the planet and put an end to the dark one’s control over humanity.

We are coming full circle at long last. We came in knowing who we were but not remembering. Now we are slowly beginning to remember our essence and all the infinite possibilities we hold in the palm of our hands. We are able to manifest anything our hearts desire into being, creating worlds for ourselves of harmony, joy and peace bathed in love. There are no limits to what we can do, we just have to wake up enough to remember who we are and how we can do what we do. It is slowly unfolding now on earth and the dark ones are well aware that we are reawakening to our own power and so they fight to keep us asleep and separated from this knowledge.

Well we finally have the knowledge beginning to come back to us now and we must not let it go to waste. The universe is watching us here on earth to see if we will be successful in our attempt to raise the consciousness of the planet and return the planet to a loving state. As we go forward we need to realize and take in fully the importance of our mission right now. This is not just for us but for all the other systems that make up the universe. We are all interconnected and what we do here impacts the rest of the universe. They are relying on us as much as we are relying on them. We are connected to each other and this is the message we must implant in our brains. We all affect each other for we are all connected and what happens to one part affects the whole. Let us awaken and do what we must do to win the battle for light, love and freedom for all.

Blessings to you all,

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