Judy Satori – The Sound Of Light – Full Moon August 2012 – The Stargate Of Aldebaran – Recalibration To 72 Dimensions Of Reality – 1 August 2012

This information from the Galactic Council and energy transmission from the Archangel Metatron are to do with bringing energy through a Stargate or portal opening from the star, Aldebaran into another more expanded galactic world.  This energy will recalibrate your physical body to receive energy from 72 dimensions of reality.  The music used with the energy transmission is composed by Marcos Frangos from the Czech Republic and is called ‘The Peace of 2102’.  It was composed and recorded on 5 May 2012…555.

http:/soundcloud.com/onehundredpc/the-peace-of-2012 link to MP3 of full Moon Transmission August

http://www.thesoundoflight.com link to original article

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