Lucas – Feeling Misguided Or Disappointed. Feeling Disinfo Thriving. What About Unity And Finding Unconditional Love Within – 1 August 2012

It is time to follow your hearts knowledge and not some dates, timelines or other promises from writers, channelers and disinfo agents about things happening if you only just wait or other convenient coincidences about things not being able to happen due to some other things not happening, etc.  Did you hear all the bold statements  made? You will have read it or not in a lot of articles and channelings and heard it on radio shows said lately.

Yes a few times in a couple of years now virtually the same happened again and again . It has become clear that people still do not see that help has come but not in a way we want it or expect it. We see it our task still to look  outside ourselves for the solutions in being referred to a saviour, a guru, authority, politician, priest,  who will lead us and guide us astray.

I see people following people who cunningly tell us to believe them. Those people tell us to get us to trust them by putting some real truth out there mixed with disinfo and directions to bring you away from the real issue that is you having the power within to change and manifest and make your free will choice.

You still get in the trap of following others pads and finding resolution in things others have to do for you. You still seek for others to do the work. You still pretend to be enlightened but still are eager to go on the bandwagon without your focus on your heart knowledge and discerning from within.  Focussing on wrong things coming true or not, with all the terribly extreme emotions positive and negative following  in Jubilate Deo and extreme joy or the deepest anger and disappointment.  Just see things as possibilities that will if we focus on it in unconditional love be reality. Do not focus on the emotions coming from duality but on that what is good for all. Open up your hearts and connect to the unity field. Be and Be One.

But what is the intent of those who spread these false info? What about those who say and talk not about love and compassion and unconditional love but of conditions and instructions to go with their beliefs of disinfo? What about those spreading fear in all sorts of ways, for instance things not gonna happen or manifest due to dark or negative forces or intent?  What about those who say their truth is the only good one and others are savagely slaughtered in slander, negative comments, threats, unfairness, hear say, gossip, law suits, violence, etc, to make themselves look good and true as they think they have the only truth in silencing the voice of others.

I know for myself the galactics, lightbeings and angels, will help in their way as they have their tasks to perform. But I know we have to do our part in this world in 3D and beyond. We have to do our  work within and in taking real action from our hearts knowledge sprouted. We make the changes in non-violent ways as unconditional love  makes the difference. Preferably we are building new systems that will reflect our new spiritual reality of unity and unconditional love and will manifest and destruct the old also from within.  We can build and manifest from within together in unity and from outside together in unity in doing, making, acting, helping, supporting. For those who wanna be saved I say: You are the ones, you have been waiting for. Now you found it. Now see you are the solution and the key is found within.

Maybe you now will see the channelings, articles and radio shows in another light and discern yourselves and see that what is out there and maybe see that somethings do not add up and are  conveniently connected or correlated to each other and therefore just like the game of duality played out. You now got the advantage of seeing through the veils and deep rabbit holes as you really wake up. See where your journey really is going and not where others want you to go to distract you. Keep centered in your heart. Know all will dissolve in the unity consciousness if you focus on that it means also that all the old will crumble and fade away as it no longer can exist in the higher vibrational reality we created in our unity. So people focus on that what is important and not the sidekicks and lines that just distract you on your course.

Love and Light,


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