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Lisa Renee – Supporting Loved Ones During Spiritual Crisis – 1 August 2012

Dear Ascension Family,

ES Community is involved in a group trip for environmental and planet gridwork harmonization in Indonesia. For those reasons I am not able to write the August 2012 timeline updates, which will resume next month. For August, we offer Guidelines to Support Loved Ones, as so many people are undergoing spiritual crisis at this time. For support I have included three audio mediation treatments in the newsletter to utilize when standing in for a family member you wish to direct prayers towards. Continue reading

Global Voice 2012 Radio Netwok Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Mid-Week Update – 1 August 2012

1 August  2012  – 6.00 PM  CENTRAL USA and 2 August 2012  – 01.00 AM  EST -European Mainland
Home of DRAKE.  Tonight Drake will be giving mid-week updates concerning our freedom.
Visit our website at http://www.globalvoice2012.us/
E-mail us:  onefreepeople@gmail.com

Ron Van Dyke – Accommadating & Facilitating The Changes – 1 August 2012

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Wolf Spirit Radio – With Bill Brockbrader AKA Bill Wood – 1 August 2012

Wolf Spirit Radio With Bill Brockbrader / AKA Bill Wood :

Direct link to radio show Wolf Spirit Radio – Bill Brockbrader – 30 July 2012

2 Minutes News – 1 August 2012

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Rabobank Is Also Guilty Of Manipulation, Libor rates – 1 August 2012

Google translate  first published 27 July 2012:

The Dutch Rabobank has in the period between 2008 and 2011 fired four employees who may be involved in the Libor scandal, reports the New York Times.  The quartet committed fraud with the interest that banks charge each other. So they could help their bank money traders.

A Rabobank spokesman said he never allowed to say anything about individual employees who are fired. The Japanese bank Mitsubishi UFJ already suspended two London traders for eight years, whom had worked before at Rabobank. According to the Rabobank it is this pair of the four employees who are fired.

Read the rest of the story in Dutch  here: http://www.niburu.nl link to original article

Italian Police Raid Barclays Over Rate-Fixing – 1 August 2012

Police take documents from Barclays in Milan, as they investigate possible rate-fixing of the euro version of Libor.


Italian police have taken documents from a Barclays office in Milan as part of a probe into possible Euribor rate manipulation, according to Reuters.

It said the raid occurred as regulators investigated fixing fears of the eurozone equivalent of the scandal-hit, London-based Libor inter-bank lending rate. Continue reading