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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 2 August 2012

(Lucas:  If Greg Giles does not have  a  e-mailadres for his readers and they can not comment or ask things and he asks from you to react upon things or respond please do not think I can relay or post messages that I can not answer nor will  answer for Greg, it is his responsibility to give the means to respond on his website  if he asks in his messages reactions from his readers. ) Continue reading

Drake – Fox News Tells The Truth About The Federal Reserve – 2 August 2012

Fox News Tells the Truth About the Federal Reserve

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(Lucas : this info is not new and from 31 July already. Fox has said already other things that could be seen as information disclosure or going away from the mainstream control of the media. )

Bill Ballard – Disclosure 8-4 – I Dont Know But Let’s Keep That Intent – 2 August 2012


It’s 8/2/20012… Time for Disclosure! ha… Well sooo much talk about August 4 and landings. Personally as I stated in my previous video I dont think that will happen, although I say lets keep that intent that is flowing forth anyway. It needs to happen soon! Im really suprised that the last vid went viral like it did, but so many persons did not clearly hear the message I meant. Dont let these disclosure messages bring you out of your heart and into the illusion. Maintain your focus inside. Stay in your heart and amplify your light. Raise your frequencies and dont be attached to the outcome so many are building themselves up for in a few days.


Bill Ballard

Drake – 4 Updates – 2 August 2012



1. Golden Lily


Subject: Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold – Sterling Seagrave, Peggy Seagrave – Google ?????

Suzanne Lie – Arquelle – More Conversations – Looking Back To Move Forward – The Nature Of Ascension – 2 August 2012


Looking Back to Move Forward

Dear Arquelle,
I can feel you inside of me.  Actually, I can feel you inside of my High Heart. I am directed now to find the first time that I heard from the Arcturians in 1994… Continue reading

Drake – Update – 2 August 2012

Outing – The Truth

We have two ways to communicate.

Global Voice Radio on Blog Talk, and the main site, American National Militia.

Our main objectives are offering as much of the whole truth as we can and giving supporting documentation.

Read the rest at http://www.americannationalmilitia.com link to original article

Max Keiser On Alex Jones His Infowars – Banks Will Implode On Libor Scandal – 2 August 2012

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Draghi Hints At Bond Buying But Rules Out Banking License And Warns Governments Must Use EFSF/ESM, ECB Cannot Replace Governments; 10-Year Yield Back Over 7% – 2 August 2012

Today the ECB left interest rates unchanged and hinted at future bond purchases but also warned “Governments must stand ready to activate the EFSF/ESM”.

The Financial Times has details in Draghi prepares for fresh bond buying

Draghi admitted to Bundesbank reservations about bond-buying and made clear that governments would first have to apply to the eurozone’s rescue funds – the European Financial Stability Facility and the European Stability Mechanism – and accept “strict and effective conditionality”. Continue reading

Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast For August – 2 August 2012

 Hi my beautiful friend,
It’s such an honor to reconnect with you once again and catch up on all the energetic shifts happening at this time. Between the M class/ X class solar storms, Mercury in retrograde, influential planetary alignments, powerful new moon and the rapid awakening of global consciousness, things are moving and shaking big time both in our personal lives and on the planet. These experiences may not necessarily look or feel how we imagined them to be, but nevertheless we are most definitely moving forward at warp speed right now. When energies start to pick up momentum, everything in our lives becomes amplified many fold. What we experience depends solely on where we have been placing our focus and attention. Continue reading

2 Minutes News Addendum – CME Impact – 2 August 2012

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