Suzanne Spooner – Q & A On The Shift; Information Received Through A Hypnosis Session – 2 August 2012


To my readers, as I have mentioned in my last post I have recently learned Quantum Healing Hypnosis through Dolores Cannon and plan to incorporate QHH along with TAUK for opportunities of self growth and understanding. In a QHH session most people experience one or a few past life experiences while hypnotized to assist them in solving issues that they are dealing with in this life. Once that is complete, the client’s subconscious is brought forward, which is magnificent! Not only is this the client’s subconscious, which has been with the client through possibly hundreds of lives, it is also part of the collective conscious so it knows All. Talk about filling a room with some exceptional energy! :) It is Divine. 

At the end of a session where I had hypnotized my friend Susan, I decided on the fly to ask the subconscious (SC) about the Shift, what it was and what it would be like to experience. This was truly on the fly, so to speak, so I hadn’t prepared my questions as well as I would like but thought you might enjoy reading, with Susan’s permission of course, what transpired…

July 29, 2012

Susan’s QHH Session– Q & A About the Shift

  • Towards the end of Susan’s session I decide to ask her subconscious (SC) about The Shift that’s coming, what it will be like:

(SC) Hold on to your socks! Because it’s going to come BIG! And when it comes, so far it has been easy. It’s been subtle, easy, acceptable. When you get the big bounces of energy, that comes to the Earth and to the body, those have been tremendous, something to deal with. But now there is so much momentum behind this. There is so much that’s coming. Be prepared, that it will come on so fast that there is no subtleness to it anymore. Just be ready, hang onto your hats because here it comes.You will be doing all you can to just be the calm that others will be seeking.

(Suzanne) Will that last for very long, all that unsteadiness? (SC) It will come in a flurry and it will be just like a storm that comes and you know that its coming and you know, we know it’s going to come and be gone. But other people think that it’s going to be their life; that it’s staying. But we know different; that it’s going to come and clean up things, then go and be gone and then it will be like they plopped us down in paradise, that’s what it will be like!

(Suzanne) ~ trying to get on a timeline~ Is that going to be happening in our near future? Weeks, months or years? (SC) The momentum is going so fast, it is going to be coming soon.

(Suzanne) So, I picture when you say that, lots of difficult weather issues. (SC) One thing I can describe it as, in the crash of the 30’s (1929) people were so devastated. But it was just money, their livelihood. Their future & everything was placed into that money. Their vision, their dreams and that is going to be similar, because when the banks go, you know that’s their future, that’s what happens and we know it’s just like cardboard boxes that blew away. We need to show them that it was really nothing, it was paper. It held nothing, it meant nothing and their substance is going to become so much more pure, it will be inside of them. It will be, the love that will be coming, the peace and just a wonderful world.

(Suzanne) Are we going to be on this Earth in a physical form or are we going to manifest a body in a different place? (SC) You’re going to like it because we won’t have the gravitational issues, so you’re going to be looking awesome! (Giggles) So that is what is going to be happening now. I mean we’re certainly, we’re working on the insides and making all your organs ready. But the gravitational pull of 3rd dimension, you cannot, you have no control over that right now. Right now you still have that as a big factor. But as you move, move up in dimensions, it will be less and less.

(Suzanne) Will this Earth still be here? (SC) It will be in a different form. Ok, here’s what it will be like. It will be like a snake shedding its skin.

(Suzanne) And this is what Susan and I are preparing for by integrating the Quantum Healing Hypnosis into our other energy work? (SC) Yes, yes, for the people. As they go from the 4th to the 5th dimension, as they are making this momentous change, and the bodies are still um, we’ve been adjusting all along. The bodies have been adjusting to the new energy shifts all along. Other people will not have had or taken this opportunity to adjust and this is what you’ll help them with. (Suzanne) Thank you for that.

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