Visionkeeper – Who Says We Have To Change? – 2 August 2012

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(Lucas: My vision on the story below  : Indeed the inner child in you is always part of you and is also  connected to the source but it is not the source. It is not the whole story. Returning to childhood innocence and happiness is fine  if you want to, and  you can experience it.  It is remembering you nearing the “unconditional” unhindered and naive, the non-judgemental and the love you got from parents and family and friends. Going back to childhood or being a child is only  not sufficient in getting to the source of unconditional love in the state you are in now/ the present. Finding the source within your heart knowledge centre and being in the now is important as you are now perfect. You just have to see your internal source connection to all including your inner child, your hearts knowledge of unconditional love is in the now always. Therefore seek not in the past of you growing up or being a child again as the source nor seek in your future what you can not comprehend or know. All is and is in the present, NOW present and available within.)

We seem to have this misguided notion in our heads that we all change as we grow up as part of the process. Who dreamed this explanation up? Who we were as a child should be the same as we are as adults basically. Of course life experience changes us slightly, but our essence, our core, our child should never change.

We have been forced to change because of the world we are existing in today. It is time for us to dig deep and reconnect with that child within us all. To find that being who held no judgment, who always asked questions of life, who was always curious and innocent and loving. The changes we have undergone have been slow and subtle, so gradual they were unnoticeable. This is where the evil side of the dark ones entered into our lives with their agendas. Now we stand here today mere fragments of what we were when we burst forth through the birth canal and entered humanity. We must lovingly take the time to reclaim who we are and nourish that person back to wholeness and health. The fact we have stopped questioning or being curious and looking for answers is the main reason we are where we are today in a life or death struggle between light and dark.

We have forgotten how to be children, we have allowed ego to take control in our lives and we have slowly pushed the child’s innocence in all of us aside. We have succumbed to the perils of judgment, jealousy, and greed leaving behind our child’s ability to be pure and loving and accepting. We have bought into the lie that this is just what happens to us as we progress our way through life. Is it? How do you know? I say it isn’t the natural progression of things but rather they are by products of what has been done to us. These traits we have learned were born out of a sick and darkly orchestrated world. The child in each of us was destroyed and we didn’t even know it was happening. Evil is so subtle at times, it has to be in order to gain access to the host it has chosen to carry its eggs.

If we had lived in a loving, peaceful, harmonious world I believe we would have retained our childlike ways, just grown up in size to adulthood. It is imperative we see and understand the truth and importance of childhood. It shows us who we should really be today had we not been taken hostage and brainwashed into the shell of who we are today. The secret of change or shifting, lies in our abilities to reclaim the child within. It is in there somewhere buried beneath the programming, we just have to find it and reconnect with the traits of that child again. To be loving and curious and non judgmental and accepting. This is who we all are in our hearts and souls when you strip everything else away.

So when we hear people say today “what can we do to fight the dark ones?” we must answer back ” relearn how to be a child.” We hear be love, well in essence isn’t that what being a child really is? Children don’t know how to hate when they are young, it isn’t in their NATURAL makeup. Go sit in a park or play ground for a while and watch the children closely. Close your eyes and listen to their play, the joyous lilt to their voices. Watch their interactions with others. Before they become programmed they see life through eyes that see magic, joy, excitement, curiosity, awe and spirit. They are still firmly attached to their spirits/souls thereby making anything in life possible to them.  We need to get this back!

If we wish to live in a childlike world we must change ourselves, for if we just keep giving birth to children and raising them with the same programming over and over again, nothing will change. We must all deprogram ourselves and our children and break the cycle we are living within. We always hear that the change begins with each of us. Now you can understand and see more clearly I hope why we must do this. The programming runs deep and it will take work to undo the damage that has taken place over such a long period of time. Little by little we can undo it if we work at becoming more childlike such as we were before the programming. We were taught and programmed how to become selfish, jealous, hateful, and greedy,  we can therefore teach ourselves how to be giving, accepting, loving and grateful.

Blessings to you all,

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