Lucas – Hello This Is Your Heart Speaking – 3 August 2012

To my dear light body and awakening vessel of light.

Hello this is your heart speaking!

In spite of me giving you all my love and heart knowledge you did not resonate with it and ignored  that I am an intricate and inseparably linked part of you.

I am your source of the knowledge of oneness and unconditional love. But still you see me like a shadow and prefer the already obsolete thinking with your mind in all forms  of duality again and again.

I see your get upset or over joyous due to all those expectations and misinformation and distractions that you tap into.

I do not understand why you seek every time the solution outside of me.  You prefer to take in all the fear based happenings that unsettle you and keep you out of me and your balance within me.  You look elsewhere for answers  in time and timetables, events and promises and information that is put out there deliberate to bring you out of me.

Why are you not in the now talking to me? Why are you seeking past and future references to build on your own knowledge or experience? You should know all is present and here in me now. As we are One it is painful to see your still separate from me and only coming back when you are hurt or overly happy from passing emotions that never find equilibrium.

I feel always love even if you so blatantly ignore my presence  and that what is your source. I hope you will come back and talk to me as your place is at the table with me. You can use  and spread my  knowledge within and treasure it. It will bring you real joy not for a moment but for always.

I ask of you my friend to return to me and come back to acknowledge what you are. A light being  of unconditional love that speaks, feels  and manifests with me.  So please come back and remember.  You will see that your trip outside of me just gave you not that what you seek.

I will hug you if you come back through the ever opened door for you  as I unconditional love you,

With Love  your Heart.

Love and Light,


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