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Lisa Gawlas – Above And Below Unite As One Via The 8:8 Gateway And You!! – 3 August 2012

What a vibrant, amazing day in the field yesterday!!  Sure beats the hell out of how the head beating August started out to be for me!!

The one thing I can say for sure… the New energies KNOWS you are HERE and I might even say, more excited to have y/our arrival in them than we are to Be in them.  These energies do have an advantage over us tho.  They know fully what they are here for and what they are capable of doing/creating thru us.  We are not so privy (yet) to that knowledge…. but getting there!! Continue reading

Mike Adams – Mainstream Media Pushes Malicious Fluoride Lie – 3 August 2012

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is at it again, lying to the public about fluoride. This time, the culprit is HealthDay, a “canned news” service that spits out lies and disinformation to be published by subscribing websites. Recently, HealthDay put out a story by author Alan Mozes claiming that bottled water might be harming children’s dental health because there’s no fluoride in it! (http://consumer.healthday.com/Article.asp?AID=667053)
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Drake – Update – The Glass-Steagal Act – 3 August 2012

The Glass-Steagal Act

To those who do not understand.
The Glass-Steagal Act prevents banks from being stock brokers of any kind.
The Act further limits any kind of bailouts.
Any of the above is the ‘gambling’ that has gone on with out tax money.
Glass-Steagal prohibits all of the above.
Read the rest and see the PDF download at: http://www.americannationalmilitia.com  link to original article

Dolores Canon – On Crop Circles – 3 August 2012

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Infinite Waters – How To Deal With End Of The World Prophecies – Don’t Believe The Hype…Be Free! – 3 August 2012

Uploaded on 3 August 2012 by Letting Go Off Fear Today—The World Ended A Long Time Ago…This is the Aftermath!

2 Minutes News – 2012: Quakes, Weather, Sun, Planets – 3 August 2012

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – China Buys US Businesses At Record Pace; What Are The Implications? Will Alarm Bells Ring? – 3 August 2012

Chinese direct investment in the United States could hit a record high in 2012, according to a new research report released Wednesday.

Total Chinese foreign direct investment in the U.S. is on pace to reach at least $8 billion this year, according to the report from research firm Rhodium Group. Continue reading