2 responses to “Wes Annac – Please Don’t Read If You Are Sensitive; A Sickening Yet Necessary Account Of A Difficult Life – 3 August 2012

  1. I know that the words that could be said in response to your posting mean less than the Love I feel for you and your walk-out. The courage it takes for such a sharing as this is beautiful. I myself have experienced similar such traumatic experiences and had to relive and relinquish the memories many times throughout my life. Just know that your sharing of this is of far more import than you can imagine at this moment. And know that your Light is ten thousand times brighter because of all you accounted, and because you chose to- exactly as you chose to. I did not think I would be of the ilk capable of reading this without having my vibrations lowered, as you forewarned, but I read, with courage. Courage to face some of my own memories again as well…I felt what you had felt and remembered, and felt and knew your victory at surviving this (feels like a miniscule victory till far after the fact, i think). And most of I felt Love for you and your magnificent story here.
    I will gladly be reading more, my friend.

    Alaina of Light, Light of Alaina

  2. Thank you for sharing Wes. Love and Light to you my friend. ❤