Global Elders Gathering – Solor Eclipse November 14th 2012 – 4 August 2012

Dear One,

From the Land of Yarrabah in Far North Queensland, Australia, we share with you the calling to be part of the Elders Gathering that will be held from the 10th – 15th November 2012. Coinciding with the total solar eclipse on November 14th 2012, we are honoured to help facilitate a 5 day Gathering for Elders, Cultural Leaders, Youth, NGO’s and community workers to come together and share their vision for a new future.

Western culture is currently facing a time where it needs guidance from the Indigenous peoples of this earth. The younger generations need guidance. We have global problems that are affecting our lives and that of the planet. People are ready to listen. It is time to unite the intellect of the mind and the wisdom of the heart. The Land is calling us all.

The Indigenous people of Australia have an integral part to play. We have one of the oldest cultures on earth. This is an opportunity for Indigenous Culture and the unbroken connection to the Land to be acknowledged, appreciated and learned from.

This will be a time to honour and respect the ancestors and elders that have kept the culture alive, present in our young ones and active in our hearts and lives.

The Solar Eclipse is a moment in time to focus our intentions, share our hearts’ visions, and bring forth the dances, songs and storylines that allow us to bring into being the vision of a New Earth.

We were deeply moved to discover that an Ancient Storyline belonging to Yarrabah Land links directly to the total Solar Eclipse happening this year on November the 14th;

“Nganjal (sister sun) had the brightest light. Gindan (sister moon) had no light when she rose every night. One morning, Gindan came up and moved in front of Nganjal (sun) and said ‘Sister, give me some light so I can shine for the people that are going to come from the east.’ From that day on there was always light. This eclipse is very significant for us because we are going to share this happening again; we can see it.. Gidan will come in front of Ngangal to bring the light.” Binyarabi – Yarrabah elder.

It is therefore, on behalf of the Land, the Custodians, Storykeepers, Traditional Owners, Elders and Youth of Yarrabah, we are Calling you, as Elders, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Wisdom Keepers, Cultural Leaders, NGO’s, Community Workers, to be part of the Global Elders Gathering in Yarrabah, Australia.

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We thank you for seeing the value and significance in sharing, promoting and supporting this Gathering in which we hope to dream a new strong vision into being.

We thank you also for reaching out and sharing this This Calling with those Youth Leaders, Elders, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, First Nation representatives and Wisdom Keepers you know will resonate with this.

As the event is free/non-profit – it is by invitation only.
If you, or someone you know would like to be a part of the gathering – Please fill in the online The Calling RSVP Form or contact
Meleuka Morton-Masterman  | +61 415 513 855  |

Numbers are limited so please RSVP soon. You will then be contacted and sent an invitation.


In honour and service to this Gathering,

Sjoerd Aardema
Co – Founder and Director
Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth

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