Jelaila Starr – The Niburian Council – Weekly Messages – Global Update: Iran And Syria: The Next Iraqs? – 6 August 2012

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Before I begin this week’s message, I want to address a concern I’ve been receiving.  Several weeks ago, I informed you that I’m going in a new direction and will eventually phase out my work with the Nibiruan Council.  I said that since I didn’t know how long that would take, I’d just play it by ear, so to speak.  The concern is that I’d leave just when we are reaching the end of this long journey and at the point when the changes are most challenging.  Rest assured I’ll keep doing the weekly messages as long as needed…I just don’t know how long that will be.  The most time consuming part for me is the video so as you have noticed, I’m not adding them each time.  That trend will continue.    On to this week’s message.
Last week I wrote about seeing the pieces of a huge world puzzle falling into place in China, Iran and US Conflict–Replaying Our Galactic Past.  I’m glad to see so many who were able to piece together the puzzle and confirm was I was getting. Since then more pieces have fallen into place and with them an even clearer picture. These pieces involve the US and our chosen technique to control the Middle East, along with what current actions will mean to our collective future.
The Problem/Reaction/Solution Technique (PRST)
Many people including David Icke and David Wilcock have been telling us about how the Powers That Be (PTB) have skillfully used Problem/Reaction/Solution on us.  They do this to get us to go along with a plan that we would otherwise find unconscienable and therefore, unacceptable.  Case in point: 9/ll.  They used the alleged terrorist attack on the Twin Towers to start the “War on Terrorism.”  Now there is another whistleblower, Foster Gamble, one of many from within the ranks of the PTB that are defecting, so to speak,  Foster, the man behind the movie, Thrive, recently put out a video on how this technique is being used against Iran.
Foster goes on to explain how the PRST has been used without the average person recognizing.  Having been successfully used on a number to occasions, we, the American people now find ourselves living in a police state with most if not all of our constitutional rights stripped from us.  We sit almost helplessly watching our sons and daughters shipped overseas to fight a war that never ends as the US government moves forward with their plans to gain control of all the middle eastern countries.  It began with Iraq and now we are going after Iran and Syria.  Why?   Here’s why: both countries decided to fight back against US domination and control by trading oil for Chinese yen and Russia rubles.  Doing so threatens the stability of the US dollar and could cause it to crash.  If this were to happen, we, in the US would see $10 gallon gas along with higher prices on most everything.
If you do your research you will find that countless thousands of Middle Eastern men, women and children have been tortured, maimed or killed and their countries ravaged all for the sake of keeping the US economy afloat. Did you know that Saddam Hussein used to be a good friend of the US PTB?  Only when he decided to sell oil for other than US dollars did the they turn against him.  Iran and Syria are now facing the same consequences.
What We Can Do
Though our rights have been taken, we still have a lot of power. Here’s a way to use it.
1.  Spread Foster Gamble, David Wilcok and David Icke’s videos about this all over the Internet.  The internet is our most powerful phyiscal tool.  If Facebook can help elect a president (Obama) it can be used to wake people up to what is happening in with Iran and Syria.
2. Don’t elect politicians who support another war.
3. Get informed…read and research.
4. Don’t promote racism…in this case, against Arab people.
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Again, this is our chance to get it right.  I have faith that we will.
In service,

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