Lisa M. Harrison – Lisa Back With Linda Joslin Of Universal Awareness – 6 August 2012

Linda Joslin And Lisa Harrison on Whats Truly Real?

Direct Link to show from 31 July 2012   Universal Awareness Blogtalkradio by Linad Joslin

“Talking from the Hologram deck, watching the illusion crumble” with Lisa Harrison and Linda Joslin!!!

A lot of ideas going around, a lot of strange people taking leading roles from out of nowhere!  A programme where we will attempt to sort out the downright ridiculous from the possible reality!  Will we succeed, lets put that intention out there right now!

Universal Awareness – having awareness of everything on this planet and beyond is imperative at this time in our evolution. Universal Awareness radio show will integrate Truth movement, spirituality groups,channellers, Ufo community, Sustainable groups, freeman & sovereignty groups, free energy and other new technologies. and whistleblowers. Universal Awareness is about sharing all of those things and more in order to become who we truly are operating with true knowledge & cohesion and integration of our energy systems. The channelled manuscript that Linda on occasions reads from is now available in paperback. The Book Of Secrets is the second book channelled by Linda Joslin from Higher Beings who are watching over us as dramatic changes occur to our Galactic Space, Our Planet Earth and to Us as we join with what they call the Universal Energy Continuum. 2012 the pivotal year of our evolutionary jump to who we really are! Available on and

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