Lucas – Drake’s Update Postings – Will Refer To His Website – 6 August 2012

From now on I will not post all updates I get from Drake’s  American National Militia website:  You can find the updates yourselves over there and subscribe to it.  I also stated in my article from today what I think of the situation now existing in the different groups  and the severe clashes of those who seem not to understand we go all the same road and have the same end goal. Read the article.

I will also state again I use my discernment on the articles, channelings, videos and radio shows before posting and decide to post them or not is still my choice.   That said I post things foremost always or things must be really not resonating anymore with me or are blatant disinfo, etc in my opinion.  I mostly  post a discernment notice random  or not to articles, channelings,  videos or radio shows when I find it newsworthy but not resonating with me.  I want you to really read between the lines.  My motto still is you discern and make your choice in what your truth is but that still does not mean I post everything you want or others want me too.

Love and Light,



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