Lucas – Living Outside The Unveiled Matrix – 6 August 2012

We entered a difficult period for all those awakening and even those awakened who laps back to the old paradigm of 3D.  It is truly the duality playing its last cards before the game ends.

We see a lot happening. From lightworkers, self pronounced freedom fighters and prominent authors and channelers in putting dates out when things happen even if they say that it is a probable date and getting people anxious on what will be happening even when nothing happens at all.  No arrest, No landings! They even get accusing each other of being disinfo agents and other things when they use those tactics themselves.  Is that not mirroring or are they really working for somebody else in doing this!?

We see others disrespect, ignoring, hurting and accusing  their readers and people  interested in their knowledge, info and thoughts. Also they do this towards groups of people so they can use the divide and conquer tactics.  The winning of souls for their own causes has begun people. They even have the courage  to tell us we have to unite and instead put out a message of ridicule, disrespect and separation themselves.  So far no Oneness is found amongst all of them. Even if the common goal of freedom and peace in  harmony and abundance is the same.

They want proof from each other but give themselves when asked no proof of things they have been promising. They hide behind the secrecy that should be needed for protection and  or tactical/strategical reasons and behind formalities or sudden impossibilities.  Oh yes, that is all well, as long as you do not tell this  story again and again after promises not coming true. You are yourselves nothing better than the accusations you put out there and show also no proof.

I see tactics played out in not letting others answer or even letting opposite opinions react when accused or even totally ignore them and shut them out.  I see the unfairness, the “half-truths” put out their, the manipulation and indoctrination. I see things are just played out in 3D as usual.

On the other hand the system is crashing down and the last negative force is desperately having its last battles. They are using brutal force, mind-control, internet take overs,  psy-ops, interferences, false flag attacks , fear and war mongering and media manipulations.  The New World Order of the elite is still not put to rest even if the light forces and vibrations reaching higher levels and are fading away those dark energies.

Still the different levels of awakening have to find the true meaning of being on the same road that will lead to our mutual end goal. In between forces are played out to distract, mislead, disinform, and in other ways keep you busy. The real end goal and unity is further away than ever. Uniting as One is truly the way but not uniting in differences  but uniting in focussing on our common goal. Even if you do not unite,  there are more ways than one leading to Rome.

See those ways all will get to the end goal. We just have to respect others to get there also in their chosen way if not truly uniting. If this means for some taking detours on the road, so be it. I will focus on the for me chosen way in going within and increase the level of energy of the lightbody to change the world and in that way get rid of those energies lacking the light.

I wish you all a good journey but Unity and Oneness is more than talk, you have to live and feel and act unity and Oneness.  I  am not interested anymore in those stories and proofs even though I will report on things happening.   I will follow my own heart knowledge and see that what for me is truly is happening. Humans, angels, lightbeings, ET’s  and others are at work to change things for the better of man-kind and Mother Earth  even if that is not seen that way by others.

Keep your discernment in place and do not follow blindly or even seek a saviour. In the end we all are responsible for our own lives and our own actions.  So take that responsibility with love and grace.  I am sorry to say, I see veiling again. People, try to live outside the unveiled matrix.  Do not get back into it and try truly to unite to the common goal.

Love and Light,


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