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Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – Summer Stalemate Continues But Lots Going On Under The Surface In Preparation For Autumn Regime Changes – 6 August 2012

War and rumors of war continue to be promoted by terrorist states like the US, Israel and their secret ally Iran as the desperate criminal cabal that seized power in the West continues to hope they can trigger World War 3 and thus avoid bankruptcy. There are also continuing rumors of horrific new terrorist attacks by the cabal and their “Al CIAda” subsidiary (a nuclear attack on London being one possibility) in a desperate attempt to implement their plan for a fascist New World Order world government. Continue reading

BIll Ballard – Breaking News – Illuminati Exposed At The US Senate – Bernie Sanders – 6 August 2012

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New Crop Circles – 6 August 2012

Milk Hill (2), nr Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire. Reported 5th August

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2 Minutes News – 6 August 2012

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Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 6 August 2012

Welcome to August everyone! The universe appears to be making an all-out attempt to frighten us with waves of psychic static, turbulence and unknown intimidating forces. Therefore, I need to remind you to sound your soulful rallying cry every day for the next week and probably beyond – until this change and expansion phase calms down and returns to a reasonable state of normalcy. August will plow through you with the energies of a spiritual task master, and will be especially potent until the 12th of the month. Yes, reconstruction, change and expansion are here. Continue reading

Jeffrey M. Smith – Dramatic Health Recoveries Reported – By Patients Who Took Their Doctor’s Advice And Stopped Using GMO Foods – 6 August 2012

Author Jeffrey M. Smith is executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology(Lucas:  in providing you with info to discern yourselves this article is brought to your attention .See that things you used to hear or see as correct and info that was  sold to you as  good, healthy, correct and just by governments, research institutes and the education machine maybe is not that what it seems to be.  I hope you keep at least an open mind! I do not need to know if the author or I was right or wrong in your opinion. Know it yourself.)
Author Jeffrey M. Smith is executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology Continue reading

Infinite Waters – How To Deal With Time—Throw Away Your Watch…We Are Infinite! (Be Free) – 6 August 2012

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