Visionkeeper – Let This Be Our New Mantra – 6 August 2012

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I certainly hope this is now the mantra most are living by. I am growing weary of the asleep mode so many have been locked into for so long now. As far as I can see there are few excuses for people to still be asleep. If mind control is the dark ones flavor of the month, we should all be asleep, but we aren’t. Many chose to get off their frequency and stay awake! It is our choice, therefore there can be few excuses other than denial or fear or perhaps your timing is not ready. If we all truly desire to see change in the world then it is we who must bring it about. It takes choice, action and courage and a willingness to fight the good fight to the end.

Choice is huge! I suppose to some it could be frightening because in making a choice you are having to take the responsibility for that choice. Time to wake up world. If you aren’t willing to make the choice to awaken then we will soon be at a point where we no longer have the freedom to make that choice! We sit on the sidelines watching everything that is going on in the world and how terrible it is and things need to change, but what are each of us doing to bring about that change? Deciding if you will vote for Romney or Obama is not creating change! It says you are still sound asleep in denial, for to change one would realize to vote for either is to vote for more of the same insanity!

Washington politics is rotten to the core, lies are normal and truth is despicable. After all that has been done to us, it blows my mind to think people are actually still sitting out there drinking the Koolaid. I know, it is not their timing to be awake right now. You’ve been robbed of your money and your homes and your freedom and yet you somehow think the same people who created the problems are going to be different this time around? Makes me want to pull my hair out and scream. Until the majority of Washington is thrown out and we begin anew, absolutely nothing will change and to hope otherwise is insanity. Now is the time to finally manifest our dream. We have had our eyes opened, we have finally been shown the truth. Let us not waste this last opportunity to get things right!

Waking up and saying NO MORE is what is going to save humanity. Until we do, we remain perilously close to loosing what little we have left to call our freedom. We no longer have the luxury to feel afraid or choose denial, those days are long over. It is time for action on whatever level you can offer yourself. There was great truth in Einstein’s quote and I’m paraphrasing, “You cannot fix a problem with the same minds that created them”. Hello! We keep falling for the fallacy of the voting game when everyone being offered up to choose between is more of the same! We must clean out the rot before we can consider rebuilding, and that means starting from the top all the way down. Time to clean the White House.

Let the above mantra be a symbol, hopefully, of how the majority of the world is thinking now! We cannot afford to slumber any longer. It is time to awaken and stay awake and start making a concerted effort to create change in any ways we can. No more talk, no more discussions, no more wondering and thinking about what is going on. It is happening, it is real, and we are needed to bring change about while we still can. In a way it is good summer is ending as we will no longer be distracted by summer festivities. The starkness of winter will bring reality home to us forcing us to take action! We are nearing the finish line, now is not the time to give up or slack off, now we must give everything we have to the final push. It is time to shove out the old and herald in the new!

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