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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 7 August 2012

It is time to now put aside all the limiting distractions and confusions that are keeping you from reaching your goals and fulfilling your assignments at this time. We would like to see more of you participating in the events that you had shown such great interest in before you headed this way so long ago. Many of you were very interested in participating in these world changing plans and could not wait to get here and begin. What has changed for you? What has changed in your life that is now keeping you from doing what it is you so wanted to do? Continue reading


Visionkeeper – Keep Your Mind Open… – 7 August 2012

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Things are starting to get kind of squirrely in the world right now and it is hard to know what to  believe anymore, everything seems so backwards. The way to make it through these times is to simplify your life. Listen to what your gut and your higher self tell you and allow everything else to drop away. Loosen your mind and allow all possibilities to enter in and release the need to stay stuck in old beliefs that no longer hold truth or purpose. Everything in the world is changing quickly and we must be able to adapt to these changes by allowing ourselves to go with the flow and eliminate any resistance. This is a time to conserve our energy and only give it out to what will encourage change in the world. To resist what is taking place is a waste of precious energy and we need every precious drop. Continue reading

John Ward – ECB Policy On Greece: Yes, You Do Have To Be Mad To Work Here – 7 August 2012

It doesn’t get much sillier than this.

Earlier on Eurenders, Mario the money-changer told Stavros at the Bank of Greece that he could have more and easier access to the wonga at Mario’s Loans. But Stavros already owes Mario €3.2Billion on a previous Bond.

So Stavros asks the eurozone for a bridging loan from the ECB to pay back the Bond issued to the ECB. Eurozone says no. So Stavros asks the ECB for a further 30 days in which to cough up. Eurozone says no. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Who Am I? I Am A Pleiadian Walk-In – Part 2 – 7 August 2012

Continued from Part 1

I can remember and feel the impressions of the end of a Life which seemed to be very calm. I can remember myself as an old man, with a wife with whom I had been with for a long time. My musings tell me that this wife was my twin flame who I am with in this Life, but we have all played different roles in different Lives. We led a calm and quiet Life, never getting out of our notably small house until the final end came and we were together, ready to depart and see what the other side had for us. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The ReBooting Of Our Energy Consciousness Field Already Underway! – 7 August 2012

I wonder if there is ever going to come a day where the day before doesn’t even weirder than the day before that!  Now Granted for over 8 months I have been seeing and feeling August’s energy very much like a gel-like energy, thick and mutable.  I suppose, I really hoped to emerge into August just knowing how to move around in the new energy and use it!  Yeah right! Continue reading

Unconditional Love – The Simple Question – 7 August 2012

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Stephen Cook – The Light Agenda (InLight Blogtalkradio) – With Sheldan Nidle – Preparing For Disclosure, 20 Years On – 7 August 2012

Sheldan Nidle – Preparing for Disclosure, 20 Years On – The Light Agenda

Presented by Stephen Cook

Wednesday, August 8
6pm (PDT, USA) / 9pm (EDT)

Remember: If you can’t tune in at this time you can listen at ANY time that’s convenient to you, once the show has gone to air. Just click on this same link.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inlight_radio/2012/08/09/the-light-agenda Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Meteors, Quakes, Storms, Spaceweather – 7 August 2012

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Business Insider – Linette Lopez – Report : Everyone For Themselves : Wall Street Banks Are Throwing Each Other Under The Bus In LIBOR-Gate – 7 August 2012

Is there anyone on the Street who didn’t see this coming?Ever since Barclays paid a huge settlement for manipulating the LIBOR last month, investigators have been looking into manipulation at all major Wall Street banks. Continue reading

Lost Kingdom Of Cleopatra – An Amazing Egyptian Underwater City – 7 August 2012

Buried beneath the deep waters lie ruins of fascinating and marvellous ancient kingdoms that today are nothing than lost memories of the past.

Many advanced ancient civilizations ended due to earthquakes, tsunamis or other natural disasters. Precious objects and ruins of ancient cities are lost in the depths of lakes, seas and oceans worldwide. Continue reading