Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Heart Of God Awaits You – 7 August 2012

God said:

What have you got when you’ve got it? What have you got when fame, wealth, authority are yours? What have you got? It is as if nothing. You can never be what you possess. What you possess is a trifle.

You do not own. There is nothing to own. What there is is to be. It is something for you to be the God-given heart and soul that you are. You ARE. You ARE My Very Self, My very Self-less Self. You are Myself, My Very Self, scattered to Earth in seeming fragments of Myself, and, yet, at the same time, beyond what seems to you, I am My One Self, and you are My One Self too.

Get off the shelf you have been sitting on. No longer are you on the sidelines. You are up. You are It in this game of life. You are not a laggard. You do not wait. You open yourself up to the Reality of Life which is presumed, imagined to be on Earth, imagined to be on Earth by a concensus, an unspoken vote. You are opposite from the story of the Emperor and His New Clothes, for you constantly wear costumes that you change into and out of. Your costumes are well seen and well-worn, beloveds, worn-out, beloveds. What would be if you would turn into yourself as you truly are?

It is a leap for you, I well understand. You think the world is your underpinnings. Of course, Heaven is. The Earth cannot support you, for you are of the manor born. You were born to Heaven, and Heaven is where you abide. You are the Heart of Heaven. Your mind has wandered off on a detour, and your mind has not yet found its way back, and, yet, you have never left Heaven. What is true is unimaginable to you. What is false you take for fact. You take it as a matter of fact that you are an outcast from Heaven thrown to Earth into smithereens. You acknowledge the world far more than you acknowledge yourself, your Self.

Of course, you want to be selfless in terms of the activated world. When you are Self-full, this little person you cling to, you let go of. It’s not really that you let go of this doll-baby. It has been obviated. Your High Self rises, and the imagined self has wandered off somewhere and cannot be found. Where did that little self vanish to, and what will you do without him or her to identify you? Would you not like to identify yourself with Me?

How hard can that be, to accept the Greatness of My Love over baubles. I deny you nothing but illusion. Yes, I take illusion away from you. In its place, I give you Your Self. Let Me introduce You.

You are Magnificence. Ego doesn’t light a candle to You.

You, your little self, has long asked the question: “What am I doing here in this God-forsaken place called Earth?”

Beloveds, Earth is not forsaken, of course. You have forsaken your rightful place in Heaven and consider a sense of forsakenness as your birthright. You didn’t sell your birthright. You walked right over it. You were so sure it wasn’t yours when it is the only thing that is yours. Fictitious is your story of life on Earth. It is a made up story. It is like you are Kings and Queens of Heaven. You sit around on Earth and play a game of cards and so pass the non-existent time.

Come. Come to Me, and come to Your Self. Put down your cards. Put down your costumes. Admit to your True Self. Come to the Heart of God. link to original article

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