Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 7 August 2012

It is time to now put aside all the limiting distractions and confusions that are keeping you from reaching your goals and fulfilling your assignments at this time. We would like to see more of you participating in the events that you had shown such great interest in before you headed this way so long ago. Many of you were very interested in participating in these world changing plans and could not wait to get here and begin. What has changed for you? What has changed in your life that is now keeping you from doing what it is you so wanted to do?

We are here just as we had planned and had promised you. We did not forget our end of the bargain. Now that we are here we ask you to now participate and uphold your end of the bargain, but many of you do not heed this call and respond to your sworn duties, to your responsibilities to your mission in the name of your Creator, to your universe and to yourselves. Why is this so? What is it that is so interesting, so distracting, so mesmerizing, so time consuming that keeps you from fulfilling your oath to perform your duties to the best of your abilities at all times once you had been reminded or awakened to your divine mission in service to your planet, each other and to all of us throughout our universe? This is what we ask you today. We ask you, our brothers and sisters, could you explain to us just what it is that busies you so that keeps you from fulfilling the duties of your mission. We would like for those of you who are not participating either fully or partly to leave your comments beneath our message and tell us why it is that you are too busy, have changed your mind or are unwilling on any level to participate in our mission to restore love and light to this world that has fallen so deeply into darkness, a mission that’s success or failure will reverberate throughout this entire universe.

We will be reading all the comments beneath today’s message throughout your online communities. We are greatly interested in your responses, as we do not know and we cannot figure out why there are so few of you involved completely or even partially in our mission. There are so many more of you who have signed up for this mission than have responded. We cannot give you precise statistics on this, as many of you are participating fractionally or on a part time level and it is difficult to measure exactly how much these beings are participating and how much they are not participating. We do keep tabs on who it is that are doing what, please do not get us wrong. We clearly see and have taken note of all the work that each and every one of you are doing. What we are simply saying is it is difficult to surmise an exact figure in regards to how much work each of you are doing. We will just say that it is clear that some of you are doing far more work than others and some of you are doing none at all.

What we would like to see, of course, is all of you who have signed up for this mission to do a great deal of work, for that was the original contract that you agreed to. This is your mission, this is your only mission at this time, this is your only purpose, and we ask those of you who have a feeling that they are part of this mission, that they are part of us, the Galactic Federation of Light or one of the other galactic commands to drop what it is you’re doing and find out by emerging yourself in our lightwork, in our efforts to alter the present course of this planet and her people. That is our task; that is our solemn oath that we all took before we said goodbye to each other and journeyed here in many different ways.

We see that many of you have found hobbies and interests that consume a great deal of your free time, and we do understand that many of you do not have a great deal of free time to begin with as so many of you must work so many hours to support yourselves and your families. We completely understand this, however, we wish to point out that the hours that you are working come as no surprise to you, as all of you had some sort of idea what you would be doing for a living. All of you had a peek, if you will, at the lives you would be living. This was part of the deal, and all of you were blessed with that opportunity, allowing you to choose just what kind of life would be most beneficial to you in many different ways, most importantly, what kind of life you would be living that would allow you to do the work that you signed up to do and what kind of experiences you would live through to strengthen your being and that would reward you with so much once your work here was done.

We see that many of you have learned many lessons throughout this lifetime and you are on the road to receiving many of the gifts and blessings that were possible for you at the end of this, your current incarnation. What is missing in this equation is the work that you assured us you would do throughout this lifetime, especially here at the very end when your participation is so greatly needed. We ask those of you who are reading these words and who feel we are speaking to you personally today to drop whatever it is that consumes your time, your interest, your focus and your energy and get to work. You all should know by now what it is you could or should be doing. There should be no mystery any longer.

You are Lightworkers. Light is information. You are information workers. Now is the time to get to work and create, share and make easily assessable information regarding the great Earth changes that are occurring and that are scheduled that will affect every man, woman and child on this planet. These changes are so large in scope and there are so many of them that you may begin, if you have not already, almost anywhere. You can begin by discussing with others at home, work, or throughout your online communities our seawall project that will safeguard many areas of coastline around the world in preparation for what will be, at least in some areas, rising sea levels due to earthquakes centered deep below the surface of your planet. This is not a very difficult task, is it dear ones? And it is very easy to get started.

You may also choose to assist us share the information of the presence of your star and soul families, your guides, your protectors and your friends of the Galactic Federation of Light and our brothers and sisters of the Ashtar Command who are also here, who are also your friends, soul families, star families, neighbors and guides. This is a very important assignment, as much depends upon the reception we receive from the people of this planet. We cannot force ourselves upon them, and although many of you reading these words are not only prepared but are very eager for our reunion and the day we walk your Earth amongst you, we say to you that you are a rarity indeed, you are the exception to the rule. There are many millions of people at this time on your planet who are not prepared at all, not only for our arrival, but even to learn that we exist, and for them to learn that we are here and in such large numbers with our large numbers of spacecraft is too much for many of these beings to handle.
What is called for, what is very much needed is a breaking of the ice time period, where this kind of information is made available to them in small increments. Landing our ships on the centerfield at your summer Olympic Games would be an incredible miscalculation of human nature and consciousness at this time. This was never part of our plan and never would be. Our plan has been and continues to be a plan where very small but increasing increments of information were to be made available to the people of your world, starting with a very small grassroots effort where our Lightworkers, small in numbers in the beginning as well, began to discuss openly and post through your online communities information about our existence, our presence here and our honorable intentions in love and service to our Creator and to you, who are our own brothers and sisters.

This was the plan many eons ago and remains firm the plan today. Having the news of our presence here in your skies broadcast through media outlets around your world all at the same time would cause havoc, would cause chaos. We can state this so confidently because we have been engaging in tests of the levels of human consciousness and their ability to accept the information about our presence here for quite some time and these tests continue to this very day, and we will report to you that the people of your planet are not ready for this kind of life shattering news. Please do not take this as bad news, for we will very shortly be making our presence known, but not globally through one great announcement or event, we wish to make this perfectly clear. For those of you waiting for one great Earth changing ‘shot heard round the world’ event, you will be greatly disappointed, as it is very clear this would shatter the fragile infrastructure of not only a world, but many of the beings within.

Please be patient with us as we are patient with you. We will, in time, slowly reveal ourselves and introduce ourselves to the people of your world, but this will be a slow and gradual process just as it has been. We must be very careful not to disturb too greatly the fragile human psyche that many of the people of this planet possess. This is all we will say about this matter today, but we will add that we have many projects planned with you and as many of you are beginning to surmise by now these projects cannot be concealed from the public of your world, at least in some cases, for very long. Many of you have begun to figure out that these projects will lead to a disclosure that will grow in size fairly quickly compared to the speed at which our mission in this regard has been moving up to this point. This would be accurate to say, and this will amount to the disclosure that so many of you seek, look forward to and work so hard on accomplishing today.

We say to those of you who are participating in your mission of light that your work is tremendously appreciated. We know who each and every one of you are and your work is not, and will never be, overlooked in any way. For all of you who have yet to begin your work, we say to you it is never too late to get in the game and all of the work that you will do will be greatly appreciated and will benefit our mission tremendously, and we say to you is it now the time that you began what it is you took an oath to do?

We look forward to reading your comments today, reminding you that what we are asking is what is it that interferes with your work, what is it that is consuming all of your free time, your energy and your focus, and acts as an obstacle to you in the fulfilling of the duties of your mission here in this world. We look forward to reading your responses, and we look so forward to speaking with you again very shortly. Until then, it is time for all of you to get in the game as the game is reaching its final period.

We are your teammates on our mission in love and in service to our Creator and our universe. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles link to original article


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