Lucas – The Real War Is A Battle Within To Surrender To Your Heart – 7 August 2012

I hear the words of war and violence, weapons and aggression a lot.  Why are we using those words  if we do not really intent to have war, violence, dead, wounded, hurt and oppressed people deep down in our hearts.

The war mongering and cry for war is not only seen in the common way of the word war but also in actions that lead to division, exclusion, ridiculing,etc.  Warring factions are on the loose so it seems everywhere in (little) groups, at home and even in groups weaponizing them to the teeth with all they got.

What are you fighting really for I ask. Is war not of the old paradigm?  If we wanna grow and make that quantum leap as  human kind we need to stop thinking  that way.  We need to see that we only have to fight our inner battle. Within our selves we need to seek the so-called battle field in addressing the duality issues and getting our energy field increased and our chakras opened and aligned.

I see the calls for weapons and violence made on the net. They say it is to defend your rights.  I think you can do without all that. We can fight for our humanity by increasing the energy levels of ourselves and connecting to source. We will that way bring the warlords and war and fear mongers to a stand still. They will not be able to spread dark where the light has increased 100o fold. The dark will fade away and is not fed anymore by our fear, angst and other negative emotions and thoughts. Therefore it will vanish.

This way your fighting your battle from within with the dark by doing the opposite of what you have been taught to do.  Your new weapon if you want to use that old term is that of love and pure light energy. It is that overwhelming force that will break all resisting to the new paradigm manifesting and the old paradigm will being deleted from our existence.

We are energy and lightbeings from source  and need to remember that. The energies of manifesting and unconditional love will make wars obsolete. No more fights. We can march the streets as one without any thought of war and fight. We can be peacefully resisting the dark with our powerful energies within. Still there are people thinking they can unite for war and put people in the spell of weapons being the solution. It is like trying to open new doors with the wrong set of keys.

We need to see unity in oneness knows no call for war, calling for a  fight or calling for  violent arrests or retribution, self justice, punishment and  murder.  We are not here in this paradigm shift to make the 3D cycle faults over and over again. We need to stop and see there is a new way of bringing the new to light. So if you surrender to your heart you will win the battle within. You will win that way also the war as the combined forces of light and love emanated by our increased energies will prevent war even before it is a thought.

I wanna ask of you in these coming weeks to restrain yourselves from negative forces and manipulations by the mainstream media and ignore those calling for actions, asking you to use weapons. Let those war cries be blown away by the winds of peace. Let those be silenced that are talking of division, hate, exclusion or those whom are  making use of  your social-economic  situation of being deprived of abundance, health, peace, harmony, equality in race,  sex, orientation, belief and heritage  in your life to make you their followers and soldiers.

Be also aware of the negative language and semantics. Words are also energy. Words can truly be weapons or be used to force you to do things you do not want to. They often trigger negative thoughts and emotions. Using words of war is denying peace and harmony a change. You can be an anversary of peace or that of war. The first are for example called diplomats, mediators lightworkers and the others called soldiers, warriors and freedom fighters. What will you choose freedom with a real change or freedom as long as the other side has no means of retaliation or finding the weapons and power to fight back again.

I have a long time ago already surrendered to my heart and the knowledge within that there is a new path to follow to break through the veil and shift the old paradigm into the new one.  Our hearts will fulfil our desire to bring the new about if we really change our ways. Stop the old ever repeating cycle of 3D duality. See that what is changed within will bring change also on the outside.  As above so below.

Love and Light,


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