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3 Minutes News – Meteors, Quakes, Storms, Spaceweather – 7 August 2012

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Business Insider – Linette Lopez – Report : Everyone For Themselves : Wall Street Banks Are Throwing Each Other Under The Bus In LIBOR-Gate – 7 August 2012

Is there anyone on the Street who didn’t see this coming?Ever since Barclays paid a huge settlement for manipulating the LIBOR last month, investigators have been looking into manipulation at all major Wall Street banks. Continue reading

Lost Kingdom Of Cleopatra – An Amazing Egyptian Underwater City – 7 August 2012

Buried beneath the deep waters lie ruins of fascinating and marvellous ancient kingdoms that today are nothing than lost memories of the past.

Many advanced ancient civilizations ended due to earthquakes, tsunamis or other natural disasters. Precious objects and ruins of ancient cities are lost in the depths of lakes, seas and oceans worldwide. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Ponzi Fiancing In Poway California Based On Massively Rising Property Values – 7 August 2012

Poway California, population 47,811 as of 2010, has placed an enormous bet on rising home prices and tax revenues. Poway borrowed $105 million but will not start to pay that amount back until 2033 at which time they will owe $877 million in interest. Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : You Are Here – 7 August 2012

Your soaraway Slog offers the Drongo’s up-to-the-minute guide to the Eurozone before it all gets confusing again during the day:

It’s always good in these situations to know WTF you are. The story thus far: Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Arquelle – Two Realities – Two Worlds – 7 August 2012

It is not that you are waiting for a certain time for things to happen. Time is a third dimensional illusion. Instead, you are waiting for a certain frequency of reality for things to happen. The many changes that are occurring in your reality are happening because your frequency of reality is rising in resonance. When a reality is moving into a higher frequency, there is more Unity and less separation, less time and more NOW. Continue reading

Tom Kenyon – The Alchemies Of Horus : Energy Meditations From The Magdalen Manuscript (1) – 7 August 2012

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1.Sending Sekhem To The Top Of The Head 0:00
2.Bringing Our Attention Into The DJed 12:52
3.Moving Sekhem Into The Center Of The Brain 25:20

Headphones highly suggested