Visionkeeper – Keep Your Mind Open… – 7 August 2012


Things are starting to get kind of squirrely in the world right now and it is hard to know what to  believe anymore, everything seems so backwards. The way to make it through these times is to simplify your life. Listen to what your gut and your higher self tell you and allow everything else to drop away. Loosen your mind and allow all possibilities to enter in and release the need to stay stuck in old beliefs that no longer hold truth or purpose. Everything in the world is changing quickly and we must be able to adapt to these changes by allowing ourselves to go with the flow and eliminate any resistance. This is a time to conserve our energy and only give it out to what will encourage change in the world. To resist what is taking place is a waste of precious energy and we need every precious drop.

A great deal of what is happening right now probably seems to many, outside of our understanding. The worlds we have known forever are morphing into something different all the time now. People and Governments we thought we could trust have now become our enemies, everything we have been told over a lifetime we are now realizing is nothing but lies. This is extremely unsettling for most people and many don’t know where to turn or who they can trust. It is you that you must turn to and find strength and support from. You are a constant in your life, learn to trust in yourself and feel confident in the choices you make. You have always been right it is that dark ones that have been wrong.

I often speak to getting to know yourself well. It is essential now to know who you are and what you want. If it were the time for you to put your child in daycare you probably would find out all you could about it and if it should be the choice you make for your child. Why do you not go to such lengths to know about yourself and what you need or how you feel about things? You are living in your own body which houses your soul, are you not curious about it? To not know yourself would be like having a stranger living in your body! I cannot imagine such a thing. How can you count on yourself and know you will be there for you if you don’t know yourself?

When the earth is shifting beneath your feet and you are looking for stable ground to stand upon, realize what you are searching for is right there within you. You are what you are looking for, you are the stable ground. To be the best support and guidance we can be to ourselves it is imperative to have an open mind and be done with our old beliefs. Those beliefs are as I said, are old, they no longer fit properly in the new world. Many beliefs are formed through judgment and there is no longer space for judging in the new world. Many beliefs we carry around in us were born out of dysfunctional childhoods and do not pertain to the real person that we truly are. We have much work to do straightening ourselves out, releasing what we don’t need, realizing all the lies we have been forced to accept and finally finding out who we really are within.

In other words, we must start all over again. We must find the courage to seek out our strengths, for we all have them, and use them to create a new life for ourselves. We do not need Government or states to take care of us, we can do that for ourselves. It is time to become as self sufficient as we can and feel good about ourselves and our world we are creating. We have been taught to become dependent on others, we have been led to believe we have no power, that we do not know what is best for us, only Government knows that. It is time to stand up and stretch and exhale all that garbage from our lives. We must stand tall and reconnect with ourselves and feel secure in who we are because we know who we are and where we are going.

A closed mind leads to a life unlived! Think about that. How much of your life are you not living because you refuse to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you? We are entering a time when unbelievable things will happen and we best be ready to be able to believe them and go with the flow. To do otherwise is will stop our growth and leave us behind in our push towards the new world.

Blessings to you all,

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