Emmanuel Dagher – Happy Lion’s Gate 2012! – 8 August 2012

Hi my beautiful friend, I wanted to give you a MAJOR HEADS UP about the energies right now!

On August 8th, a powerful portal known as the Lion’s Gate will magnify our ability to manifest from the invisible into the physical/material realms with much more easy & grace. The Lion’s Gate doorway is usually associate with great amounts of light or fire pouring into our paradigm, so grounding & just allowing ourselves to ‘be’ is key at this time.

During these next few weeks, there’s a uniting of
the two hemispheres of the brain which will open us up to even more paradigm shifting ‘aha’ moments & revelations that will support us in sowing the seeds to the next part of our journey. This is a really great time to align ourselves with things that bring us joy & to also get clear on what we want to create more of in our lives & in the world. This year’s Lion’s Gate is playing a large role in our collective awakening, & that in itself is cause for celebration. Time for another major upgrade,

Happy Lion’s Gate!

Sending you waves of love, joy, celebration & gratitude.


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